Keno Winning Tips That Actually Works

Whether or not you are a lottery fan, the Keno instant lottery will make sure that you become one.  While it is a lottery game in a casino, it is very different from the usual ones. The key thing that differentiates it from the others is its format. For this game, the players choose 10 numbers out of 80. These have to be then matched against 20 of the numbers that are randomly drawn. The draw for the game happens as and when you want it to happen. Sounds interesting, right? Yes, it is. The prizes for this lottery are not grand but neither are the stakes. For the small amount of money that you invest, you can collect plenty of not-so-small prizes and increase your account balance.

Along with being interesting, it also sounds easy but really isn’t so. You will need help to understand how this game can be won.

Set Your Limits

The bets for the Keno game start from as low as INR 5 and when you play with such low bets, you do not realize when you start losing money. As long as you have set a limit on your account, you will be able to stop when you start losing rather than winning. You must actually put an upper limit as well, so you can stop when you have won enough before you start losing again.

Play Numbers That Make a Pattern

There is a chance that the 20 selected numbers form some kind of pattern on the board. If you also make a pattern and at least three selected numbers are a part of the pattern, you could definitely win something, In fact on portals like Lottoland, the game has some set patterns that you can choose from.

Repeat Your Selection

Just like playing the same numbers repeatedly improves your chance of winning in the lottery, the same concept applies here too.

Play Hot and Cold Numbers

When you play the game with higher frequency, the numbers tend to get shuffled well. So, in case you have not won anything lately, try switching to these numbers and you just might get lucky. This is not a sure-shot technique but one that has been adopted by many.

Play All 10 Numbers

In fact, playing fewer numbers has its advantages. When you play only some of the numbers and some of them do match the numbers drawn, you could win a better prize for matching the same amount of numbers. For instance, if you select 2 and match 2, you get a better prize than when you select 4 and match 2.

You can play the game in the demo mode until you get comfortable with the game. This part of the game is available for free. Then you can start with the real money from your online account and win the games. Any winning is instantly deposited in your account. When you do so, you also get a chance to play the bonus game online.