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Phonesuite Browser
Phonesuite Browser

Phonesuite is the leading manufacturer of telephone systems for hospitality, approved as a preferred product for every major flag such as Marriott, Choice, IHG, Best Western, Radisson Hospitality, and Wyndham. Further, it is widely used in independent and boutique properties. The combination of an unbeatable price and an unmatched feature set makes Phonesuite Voiceware the choice for the entire hospitality industry. While the products and features associated with Phonesuite Voiceware are varied and comprehensive, one of the most utilized is the Browser Console. 

What is it?

Instead of the old, expensive, bulky Front Desk Consoles that hotels are used to, the Browser Console is a PC or tablet product that provides the full functionality expected by a reception, and so much more! If the front desk uses a PC, then the Browser Console can be operated from that device. Alternatively, the console can be used from a tablet with Bluetooth headset, giving the employee freedom of movement around the property, while still being able to perform front desk functions. 

What can it do?

Everything! In all seriousness, though, the Browser Console is an entirely functional front desk device that shows incoming calls, extensions and room information, ability to interact with rooms for wakeup calls or check-in/ out, and can be integrated with a hotel Property Management System (PMS) if desired.

When a guest calls the front desk, the following information can pop up:

  • Name
  • Native language
  • VIP status
  • Group affiliation
  • Outbound dialing permissions (deny/ allow international or long distance)
  • Unlimited wakeup calls

Regarding wake up calls, all information is logged so a front desk employee can see who has set, answered, canceled, or missed a call. Setting wakeup calls for guests is a snap and requires practically no training. 

A fun feature is the ability to “Drop VoiceMail.” This function allows the Front Desk to place a prerecorded message into the room’s voicemail, such as a welcome, a package notification, or a checkout reminder. 

Additionally, there is a feature present for checking in or out guests from their rooms. This is little used by those who utilize a PMS, but for smaller properties, which may not, this is an invaluable function to keep track of which rooms are checked out and ready for their next guests. 

Why should I be interested?

Simply put, the old, clunky front desk phones are unsightly and poorly functioned. Sure, when they started being made in 1982, they were revolutionary! But in today’s world, guests are used to seeing employees utilizing computers or tablets, not large devices filled with buttons (which invariably stick and stop working overtime). When a hotel is renovating, the unsightly front desk phone should be on the list for replacement so that the whole reception area can offer a clean and organized space. Also, functions such as setting wakeup calls were often complicated and poorly utilized by employees and guests, detracting from the experience.  

Importantly, the Phonesuite Voiceware also satisfies the requirements of Kari’s Law and Ray Baums Act, both of which place hoteliers liable for guests who need to be able to contact 9-1-1 emergency services. 

Who is Phonesuite?

Founded in Colorado in 1988, Phonesuite has been and always will be 100% devoted to the hospitality industry. Their traditional and modern hotel communications solutions serve hotels with cloud PBX solutions and on-premise systems that support both analog and SIP phones for business areas or guest rooms. As an organization, Phonesuite is dedicated to providing user-friendly, worry-free platforms by putting customers at the forefront of everything they do. Customers are continually delighted by Phonesuites commitment to building trusted relationships, innovation, and exceeding expectations.