Learn About Chinese Teacher Training Program

In order to push exchanges and cooperation on Chinese teaching, Hanban has found out “Overseas Chinese Teacher Coaching Program”, that may be a sensible chance for foreign Chinese language academics to additional learn Chinese language and knowledge Chinese culture. The project will be divided into totally completely different coaching curricula consistent with the various demands of academics with different levels of Chinese proficiency. The most content of the program includes: Chinese information, Chinese class teaching series courses, Chinese teaching theories, and strategies series course, applied series course, Chinese culture apply for courses and academics exchange courses.

1, Training Target

To understand the fundamental principles of second pedagogy, establish data structure; improve basic qualifications, master basic skills for teaching Chinese as a Chinese teacher and to inform the fundamental state of affairs in China. to boost the teachers’ handling capability on the Chinese language, teaching implementation capability furthermore as analysis and testing capability.

Teacher Training

2, Training Content

The educational program principally embodies five serial courses, admire basic elementary Chinese data and its serial teaching courses, Chinese teaching theory and methodology serial courses, Chinese culture and scenario serial course, application of contemporary education technology in Chinese teaching serial courses and courses with options.

3, Training Cycle

The coaching activity typically lasts 1-4 weeks as a cycle. coaching frequently control in March, June, September, Nov once a year in our college. Learners will select the foremost appropriate cycle and time per their own scenario.

4, Training Costs

The workplace of Chinese Language Council International (Hanban) can offer tuition, fees, accommodation and different help apart from international travel price. An ethical code area is provided free from the reportage day to the day the coaching concludes. If the learner desires the next normal accommodation, he or she ought to pay the value by himself for herself.

5, Training Certificate

When the research is completed, the associate examination is controlled. Those that pass the examination are awarded a certificate by Hanban. Quite 3 absences can deprive you of the chance to get the certificate.

6, Application Conditions

chinese lessons or language academics from foreign faculties with a minimum of one year of Chinese teaching experience; below sixty years previous, robust physical health; haven’t participated within the project among the past 5 years; love Chinese teaching and willing to interact during this course for the long run.

7, Application Method

The applier will be entrusted to the selected organization or on to us to use.

Teacher Training

  1. Application Materials

Applicants should fill in Associate in Nursing submit the “Application type for Overseas Chinese Teacher coaching Program” (forms are often downloaded) in duplicate (including a copy); an in-service certificate issued by the varsity and a recommendation letter written by the varsity principals is required. All the materials ought to be in Chinese except name (must be an equivalent on as in your passport) and address.

  1. Enrollment and Notification

We will check the materials issued by candidates, then forward the materials to Hanban. Hanban can analyze the materials and apprise the US of the results. Finally, area unit going to} apprise the candidates whether or not they are accepted to the program. once being accepted, candidates will handle procedures for China. Hanban offers the invite for academics World Health Organization want.

Why study in China?

China created a lot of innovations and fancied a lot of modern tools and utensils than all the planet combined. while not Chinese manufacturers, we’d been left without:



Alcoholic drinks (or the method of fermentation, however that’s   alcohol, basically)



Nail polishes

Revolving bookcases

Domesticated Carassius auratus

Seeing however vital information is within the endeavor of making new things, it comes as no surprise that the simplest universities and therefore the best teachings went down from generation to generation in China, creating it one in all the simplest places to come back and study your Master’s or Bachelor’s degree.