List of Advantages and Disadvantages of an Auto Rickshaw

Auto rickshaws have been the lifeline of commuters in many third world countries and in India, they are a popular mode of public transport in metros and smaller townships. A small three-wheeler, auto-rickshaw is used to ferry passengers and goods from one place to another. Though it is a convenient mode of transport, safety and environmental concerns have dampened the sales of auto-rickshaws in the past few years.

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Auto Rickshaw

Listed below are the Advantages and Disadvantages of an Auto-Rickshaw:

  • Auto rickshaw is less expensive to maintain as compared to a four-wheeler and has greater storage capacity for goods. Three passengers can comfortably sit in an auto-rickshaw and they are more stable than scooters and motorbikes. Auto rickshaws cost much lesser than a taxi and passengers can reach their destination by paying a much cheaper fare.
  • Auto rickshaws take much lesser space on roads and parking slots as compared to four-wheelers. It is more economical to run an auto-rickshaw on CNG as compared to cars. They cause less pollution in comparison to cars which run on petrol or diesel. It is easier to manufacture an auto-rickshaw as compared to four-wheelers because of their compact size and they require much lesser components.
  • One main disadvantage of buying an auto-rickshaw is they are more expensive as compared to scooters or motorbikes and cannot move fast as a two-wheeler through the congested streets. Auto rickshaws lack safety features such as doors and seatbelts when driven on high speeds. They also generate a lot of noise pollution and illegally operated auto-rickshaws often violate traffic laws.
  • E-rickshaws are an excellent alternative to auto rickshaws and the Indian government has legalized the use of electric rickshaws in various cities across the country. They are a good alternative to petrol or diesel-run vehicles as they are operated on a battery. They do not emit smoke, therefore, will not contribute to the increasing air pollution. The batteries used in the functioning of these rickshaws can be recycled which will solve the problem of battery disposal.
  • E-rickshaws are comparatively cheaper than auto-rickshaws and can be easily afforded by a common man. They are cost-effective for both passengers and the owner as passengers have to be a much cheaper fare as compared to auto rickshaws. The batteries of E-rickshaws can be easily charged from home or any other place that provides proper voltage. The only disadvantage is E-rickshaws right now can be used only for short distances.
  • E-rickshaws does not create any noise pollution as they do not emit any sound and passengers can have a smooth and comfortable ride. As compared to auto-rickshaws, E-rickshaws are much safer as they run on slower speeds and are much lighter. E-rickshaws do not use an engine or a gearbox, therefore, they require less maintenance as compared to auto rickshaws. E-rickshaws use a smaller motor and the battery is placed below it.

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