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Make your restaurant insect-free and prevent shut down by Irish Government

Anyone who is running a food business in Ireland must be aware of food safety measures which are mandatory to follow by restaurants in Ireland as per the regulations laid down by the Irish government, Food Safety Authority of Ireland (FSAI), and concerned authorities. Following these rules and regulations ensure the maintenance of a clean environment in the restaurant and supply of hygienic food to the consumers. The Irish government is very strict about the application of these rules; hence restaurants are regularly checked by FSAI in coordination with HSE (Health Service Executive providing public health and social care services in Ireland). 

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Such inspections are conducted on a surprise visit to find out the ground reality of the prevalent hygiene conditions at a restaurant. If the authorities find even minor failure in safety measures by the restaurant, the result would be serious for the owner of the restaurant as he will have to shut down his business. Thus, the restaurant owners must be very serious and prompt for maintaining appropriate hygiene in his restaurant. 

Besides considering the health safety measures like throwing away the food before it gets moldy or congealed while refrigeration, keeping coal bags separately from food storage shelves, not using kitchen storage room like bedroom, not leaving raw sewage in food preparation area, etc., an important aspect to be considered by all restaurants is saving your restaurant from insects. Not only the food preparation/serving area should be insect free but also the kitchen waste should be free from maggots as per the conditions laid down by the Irish government. Here are a few suggestions which you can adopt to save your restaurant from insects, thereby saving your restaurant from shutting down:

  • Cleanliness: the First step to eliminate the chances of occurrence of insects is the daily cleaning of the restaurant and the kitchen (including the water drainage points). Sterilization of utensils and other kitchen apparatus is also important and thus should be regularly conducted.
  • Healthy practices: Everyday practice for maintaining cleanliness, preparing food, storing raw and cooked food appropriately, using utensils and kitchen equipment, disposing of the kitchen waste, etc. should be in line with the health and safety measures to save your restaurant from insects.
  • Staff training: Staff members should be trained in various ways of maintaining health and safety standards at restaurants. Repeated training and regular motivation for the staff to follow the hygiene prerequisites will reinforce the adoption of health and safety measures.
  • Pest Control: Getting pest control done at your restaurant by specialized agencies at regular intervals ensures that your restaurant will remain free from insects. Do not forget to take special pest treatment for probable insects that are likely to appear in your restaurant due to the weather conditions, surroundings or other reasons particular to the location of your restaurant. 
  • Prompt Action: Whether it is rotten food or a fault in the infrastructure of the premises like water leakage, sanitary/plumbing defect, or any similar instance, prompt action is required on the part of the management/owner of the restaurant. Stale food should be discarded, if served by mistake then it should be immediately replaced with fresh food before the customer consumes it, consumers should be informed about current health & safety status of food at the restaurant as soon as possible via their website or general announcement or other means. Furthermore, the repairs and maintenance of defects should be initiated immediately even if it needs to shut down the restaurant for a few days for maintenance. It is better to close the restaurant for a few days for maintenance rather than a complete and permanent shut down of the restaurant by the Irish government when the restaurant fails to meet the health and safety standards.
  • Self-inspection: The owner of the restaurant or a vigilant cleanliness supervisor must thoroughly inspect every corner of the restaurant on a daily/weekly basis. This will bring out the areas of improvement and it will enable the restaurant to meet health and safety standards every time an inspection is made by the Irish government.
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