Many Ways in Which Enterprises Can Use WhatsApp Business

Many Ways in Which Enterprises Can Use WhatsApp Business

Digital marketing is the in-thing in today’s world. Business enterprises of all volumes, belonging to various industries are including digital marketing in their marketing strategies. The extensive use of social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc. has made it easy for enterprises to reach a wider spectrum of the audience by sharing posts about the products and services.

Entering the list of famous digital marketing platforms is WhatsApp, a messaging app that happens to be one of the most used apps in the market. Gone are the days when WhatsApp was used only for personal communication. The app is now a popular marketing tool.

WhatsApp Business

Of course, the developers of the app are forever working on adding new features to help users. One such move was the launch of WhatsApp Business, an app exclusively for business enterprises to connect their customers. This launched was followed by the release of WhatsApp API to enable large scale enterprises to use the app effectively.

WhatsApp Business has the following additional features to help enterprises build a presence and gain more customers.

  • Business Profile
    • Create a business profile with details such as the address of the business, alternate phone numbers, email id, location map, list of products and services, etc. Use the logo of the brand the display picture to help users identify the business easily. 
  • Messaging Tools
    • Tools such as Quick Replies and Automated Messaging allow enterprises to set welcome greetings, working timings, send thank you notes or other wishes. The Quick Replies feature is used to share replies to routine questions immediately. This saves time as the replies need not be typed every time.
  • Message Statistics
    • Enterprises can know the number of messages that have been sent and received using the app. Keeping track of the promotional messages is one way to analyze the effects of promotion on sales.
  • Verified Accounts
    • The business accounts can be verified and enterprises will get a green tick beside the display name on the app. This will help create a better impression on customers and also assure users that the business is genuine.
  • WhatsApp API Integration
    • Enterprises can request early access to use WhatsApp API by contacting the cloud platform service providers. The companies help enterprises in using the cloud platform to send and receive messages through WhatsApp Business. Large scale enterprises can use the platform to promote their products and provide customer service effectively.               
WhatsApp API Integration
  • By using the WhatsApp Bulk Message Serviceenterprises can send and schedule messages in bulk to numerous users in all parts of the world. The bulk messages can be personalized to include identifying information about the users.

Now that we know about the features of the app, let us take a look at the ways in which WhatsApp Business can be used by enterprises.

  • Provide Real-time Customer Service and Support
    • Use WhatsApp to connect directly with customers. The interactive interface can be used to identify the root cause of an issue. Sharing images or videos will help understand the problem and resolve it with increased efficiency. 
  • Add Personal Touch
    1. The one to one chat allows enterprises to add a personal touch to the communication. Some enterprises create the profile using the name of a representative to assure customers that a person responding to the messages.
  • Create Groups To Focus On the Target Audience
    • By creating groups with like-minded customers and users, enterprises will have a greater chance of increasing sales.
  • Share Promo Codes, Organize Flash Sales
    • Arranging sales or promo codes only for customers who are in the WhatsApp groups of the enterprise, etc. is another way to boost sales and also to add more users to the groups.
  • Use WhatsApp Status Wisely
    • Sharing product demo videos, images of new products, providing sneak peeks into the manufacturing process, etc. will attract the attention of customers.
  • Organize Giveaways and Exclusive Discounts
    • WhatsApp status messages and broadcast lists can be used to promote instant sales by offering discounts for a very limited period.
  • Collaborate With Nearby Businesses
    • Join the WhatsApp groups of nearby businesses. They can belong to any industry. Learn something new, meet new users, share any information that might interest the existing customers. Grow and build communities using WhatsApp.
  • Take Feedback From Customers
    • Feedback is important for any business to grow. Asking for customers’ feedback, analyzing it, implementing it, and thanking the customers for their valuable advice will create an impression that enterprises care for their customers and result in increased brand loyalty.

The most important rule to remember when using WhatsApp for promotions is that spamming should be avoided. Users can opt-out or block the businesses on the app which could produce negative results of the enterprise.