Mastering the Art of Instagram Press Release

Mastering the Art of Instagram Press Release

A couple of years ago, everything people knew about Instagram press releases was 400-word or more articles sent to newsrooms and circulated all over the internet. Things have evolved and trends have shifted. The emergence and eventual rise of visual image based platforms such as Instagram have changed everything. In the past, brands depended on journalists to distribute their contents and ensure the press release attains optimum coverage. Today, our journalists are the ever-interactive social media users. To share your message, you need to play their music and enjoy the dance too. It might have been easy with social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter. However, the entry of Instagram and other image-based platforms has resulted in a micro-change in social media press releases.

Leverage Images

It is not deniable that for a long time, the press release has always been about the choice of words. Whoever had mastery of the Queen’s dialect or any other language used in a press release, had his way with the audience. That is no more. The target audience has grown more visual than ever before. To succeed in an Instagram press release, there must be captivating images. It is not just about the content, but also the quality. When used as part of the press release, nice, clean, and informative images boost user interactions and social engagements. Not just any image will do for the Instagram press release. Brands need to focus on quality, informative images. The images must include clear-texts that give a conclusive idea of what the Press release is all about. Otherwise, you risk your Instagram followers trashing it just like the other thousands of promotional contents circulating in the social network arena. In case you forgot, Instagram does not have clickable links to your images have to say it all or break it.

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Personalising Press Release Using Videos

A 15-second video on Instagram can work magic for a press release. Take, for instance, a brand launching a new product. A short clip revealing the technical team working on the product can win you much love from followers of Instagram. Get this for free; no one expects a highly polished video on Instagram, so spare followers for Instagram the formalities. They just need something they can easily associate with. The video doesn’t have to contain everything about the release. Social media users are curious. Simply give them a reason to find out more about the press release and they will be in.

Why Instagram for Press Release

Facebook and other social media giants have always been the obvious options for brands considering social media press release. Why would they shift the trends to Instagram?

  • Instagram has over40 million users with more than 70% active daily
  • 90% of Instagram users are below the age of 35. Most products tend to target such an audience
  • Instagram users do not expect professionally made-videos. Teaser contents engraved in shorter clips is all they need!

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The ultimate goal of every brand is to increase the number of reads of their press releases. Instagram, as a platform, grants you exactly that if not more. You just need to do it differently and master the art of Instagram press release.


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