New Features in Modern Washing Machines: Everyone Should Know

No appliance could ever be accessible as a washing machine. From rural to urban households, you can see a washing machine everywhere. Hence, the washing machine is a necessary commodity in every home.

Therefore, with such high popularity, new innovations come hand in hand. As a result, you can see a lot of modern features in existing and upcoming washing machines. Those features are making more of your work automated.

Moreover, knowing about the latest features and technology is mandatory because it helps you in choosing a Top-rated Washing Machine for your home. Therefore, here’s a list of some new features that you can see in modern washing machines:

1.      Enhanced drum technology

Drums are crucial and the core part of washing machines. Traditionally, you could get drums made of stainless steel, plastic, and enamel. Nowadays, there are diamond drums in the market. In these drums, the holes are made smaller to protect clothes from tearing.

Another update in drums is the VarioDrum technology, in which there’s a stable paddle that cleans clothes. In this type of drums, there is only a single direction of rotation. Moreover, it also has a wave-droplet design for a better wash quality.

2.      App and sensor controls

From TVs to refrigerators, everything is now connected to your smartphone. Therefore, to join the internet of things club, washing machines are also providing app and sensor controls. Moreover, washing machines are also featuring NFC tags for monitoring and analytics purposes.

3.      Auto detergent dispenser

You might call this feature an advancement of fuzzy logic. This new feature solves the hassle of determining the appropriate amount of detergent. This feature is undoubtedly designed to save soap, water, and quality of clothes.

4.      Improvised safety

Millennials are way too curious, and washing machine manufacturers know this fact. Therefore, washing machines are making various advancements in their safety features. Nowadays, child lock features are in a trend that prevents your kids from altering the pre-settings of your washer.

Moreover, there are certain leak prevention safety features to inform you about any potential threat of your washing machine. Sometimes, the water supply is also stopped automatically by the device to prevent water from leaking.

Lastly, there’s also an anti-foam technology on the rise that prevents overflow of bubbles due to the addition of an excessive amount of detergent. This feature works by modifying the cycle length to regulate the foam formation.

5.      Increased efficiency with digital inverter

Washing machine hardware is getting better and better to improve efficiency and effectiveness. One such equipment that points directly to the wash quality is the digital inverter. With the help of digital inverters, washing machines can determine the load of laundry.

After determining the load of laundry, washing machines can let their motors acquire a higher speed for heavier loads with the help of a digital inverter. In easy words, this technology allows your motor to run at various speeds.

6.      Better soak features

Nowadays, there is a trend of soaking features like BubbleSoak technology. With this feature, you can soak your clothes in a bubble bath to provide them an effective cleaning with just a press of a button.

The benefit of bubble soak is that it is not harsh on clothes and soaks them softly. Furthermore, there is another technology as well known as SuperSoak technology that provides continuous soaking and rubbing action to clean clothes effectively. 

Bottom Line

Innovation never stops, and who knows you may get to see self-moving washing machines in the future. But the features you will get in your washing machines depend majorly on your budget. Therefore, to know what fits under your pocket, visit