Pay Your E-Challan Safely With a Trusted Online Payment App

Pay Your E-Challan Safely With a Trusted Online Payment App

Challans till about sometime back used to be in the paper format. Used mostly for official purposes, the most common types of challans that one would come across in a country like India is the traffic challan. The electronic form of the paper challan is called the e-challan. The purpose of the challan and the e challan remains the same, the only difference being that the use of latter helps save paper, the environment and most importantly helps the offender pay digitally without using or handling cash. The other advantage of the e challan system is that the online payment of the fine can be done at any point in time – day or night – as per convenience for the system operates 24×7.

Pay Your E-Challan Safely

Where are challans used?

Mostly issued by the Traffic department and officials on the road, the challans are issued to penalize people who disobey traffic rules. For example, if you jump the red light at a crossing, you can be penalized up to Rs. 15000/- plus have your license suspended for a month. In the absence of the digitized format of the challan, you were required to pay in cash. If it was a question of a hundred or two hundred bucks, people would not mind or bother. But when it came to spending a good amount of money to pay for the fine, it would be a troublesome affair. Carrying cash of high value was never a safe method making it really difficult in situations where you are caught violating traffic rules and have been issued a high-value challan. The normal procedure in such cases often meant calling up your family members and asking one of them to get the cash at the place where you are stuck. Long-drawn, time-taking, bothersome and plenty of hassle!

Not anymore –for today you can use any authorized e-payment company for making online payments against e challan.

Making online payment is easy

In order to make an online payment against traffic fine, you would simply need to use the App of a registered and authorized e-commerce payment collectors like Paytm, MobiKwik or PhonePe or use the bank transfer method. The third-party payment App needs to be opened, details of your vehicle and the challan need to be fed in and then the payment method needs to be selected to successfully pay the fine. Simple, convenient and straightforward requiring no dealing in cash!

One very big benefit of this system is that it has led to decrease in corruption and bribing cases. Earlier, when people would not be carrying lumpsum cash with them, they would usually tend to pay a lesser amount to the traffic personnel in a bid to get rid of the challan. In such cases, even the official person on duty would be tempted to take the bribe and not raise a manual challan. But now with digitization, the e challan cannot be erased out of the system just like that – this means greater transparency and better efficiency in tracking down people who ignore traffic rules and violate them.