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Polished or Honed Granite Worktops: What to Choose?

Honed Granite Worktops

When it comes to choosing worktops for a kitchen, there are plenty of options available in the market these days. However, for most people, granite is still the most convenient and the favourite option to go for. It is available in two forms- honed granite worktops and polished granite worktops.

Before you know the difference between them, check out some of the main reasons behind the popularity of granite worktops:-

  • It is a graceful material and has the power of adding a glow and a soothing beauty to your kitchen. You do not need to add too many decorative items to make your kitchen look beautiful.
  • The variety is great, which is the reason why people of almost every taste and preferences can find an ideal granite worktop for their kitchen.
  • It is hard and durable ensuring that your kitchen stays the same for years.
  • It is heat-resistant, making it ideal for kitchens.

Here is the difference between these two types of granites based on some of the most important features:-


As the name suggests, polished granite worktops are those that have a shiny surface. Sometimes, the surface even shines like a mirror if it has been polished well. These are available in shades of black, grey, silver, and gold and help in giving your kitchen a vibrant look. Its rich look even gives your kitchen a royal look and will match well with contemporary kitchen themes.
However, honed surfaces have a softer feeling, and they appear more natural in comparison to the other variant. These granite surfaces can either have a matte effect or a low shine that varies based on the finishing.

Usage and Maintenance

Polished surfaces are sealed and non-porous by nature because of the extra layer added on them. This makes them easy to maintain as you only need to get them polished occasionally. Also, these surfaces are easy to clean as the impurities do not get deposited on them for a long time. You can easily clean a polished granite by a regular cleaning substance to make it look shiny again.

On the other hand, you need to seal honed surfaces very properly; otherwise, they might start absorbing moisture or water, and granite might deteriorate in quality. These can easily develop food stains because of curries or juices that are spilt on the surface accidentally. So, if you are choosing this variant, you must choose the colour wisely otherwise your kitchen will look dirty at all times.


Polished granite surfaces cost more than the honed ones. The main reason behind it is that polished surfaces need more grinding than the other ones. However, the cost also depends upon the demand and supply ratio in the market. Polished ones are easily available, and their prices fall soon while the other ones are mostly available at selected places or on special orders which ultimately increases their prices.

Therefore, it is hard to say clearly that which one costs more and which one costs less to the customers.

Comparison of which one is better

It is hard to say anything clearly that which variant of granite is better. The comparison depends on many factors, and the decision varies based on the personal needs of people. These personal factors include a budget of the customer, the kitchen theme that they want, the colour that they would prefer to have, the lights that they are using in their kitchen, how well they can maintain the surface depending upon their lifestyle and so on. Since these factors are subjective for individuals, deciding which one is better is purely a personal choice.

You would now be aware of both these variants of granite that are popularly used in kitchens. Compare them as per your requirements and decide which one will be better for you. While making this decision, you can also discuss with your friends who have recently got their kitchen renovation done, a new house built or are fans of granite material. They will give you first-hand information and might even be able to highlight the shortcomings of the material they are using in a better manner. Choose wisely and make your kitchen look beautiful.