Pre-Launch Workable Ideas to Get Excellent Mobile App Marketing Done

Gone are the days when the concept of mobile devices was new. In this fast-paced world of today, people are now using mobile devices to do everything from communication, learning, entertainment, etc. The market for mobile apps has flourished largely. Although several apps are downloaded from the app store, very few of the users stay loyal to an app. Majority deletes the app instantly without even using it.

For people to choose your app from a wide variety of options available, you must do excellent mobile app marketing so that your app reaches the right audience. An app’s number of downloads usually peak within the initial few weeks after the launch of the app. But those results are usually short-lived if proper mobile app marketing strategy is not kept in place. A long-term marketing plan is required to ensure that your app stays at the top of the search engine and enjoys the maximum number of downloads.

  • Market your app before the launch

When you have finally ruled out the development plan of your app, you must focus attention on devising a workable marketing plan. This will allow you to research your target group elaboratively and communicate your offering accordingly. As soon as the design and concept phase are completed, you must think of marketing your app.

  • Engage with potential customers

To create an ideal app, it must be designed to suit the needs of the customers perfectly. It is a vital step to get feedback from your target audience all through the creation process. When you engage with potential customers, you are more likely to identify loopholes and keep them involved throughout.

  • A blog

The best way to share information and keep people updated with the latest news is to start your own mobile app blog. This way you ensure your presence in front of the customer alongside providing them with information that is useful to them.

  • Teasers

A rather new concept, people are now releasing short teasers of their apps to make people interested and actually await the launch of the app. Use sneak peeks and small teasers to move the customer journey from interested to excited for the app.

  • Launch materials

You must start preparing your press kit and launch materials for the launch date. Before the launch date, you must have a fully responsive website, video ad highlighting the key features/attributes of the app and an informative piece of content like a blog.


Without proper mobile app marketing campaigns, your app will be lost in the sea of apps on the app store and will become a thing of the past in a matter of days. Customers expectations are rising and to stand at par with them, you must go a mile ahead in tending to the requirements of the customer. Marketing your app to the right market segment at the right time is the foremost step to ensuring that your app gets noticed.