Pro Tips to Help Buy the Perfect Irish Bodhran Drums

Not only have the Irish Bodhran been one of the most influential frame drum in Celtic tradition, but it is also popular around the world.

Offering unique punchy beats, the bodhran is a light compact frame drum. Seeing popularity gain great grounds in the 1960s, version of the Irish bodhran are found everywhere in the world today.

Like with anything else, it is easy to buy not such high-quality bodhrans when you don’t know much about them.

These beautiful hand drums carry a lot about them in terms of how they are made perfectly.

From the right materials to craftsmanship, everything has to be perfect for a bodhran to sound the way it should.

Here are some pro tips to help you get the right bodhran:

Analyse the Reputation of Your Selected Sellers

It all starts with selecting a seller for your Irish bodhran. You will find plenty of sellers of this beautiful frame drum but not all will sell the right ones.

Finding a quality bodhran for sale from the right supplier is subject to many factors. Seller or manufacturer reputation is one of them.

Always look for a seller with the best reputation in the region. If you are buying online, be sure to check their reviews and feedbacks.

Contact a reviewer or a previous customer of a specific brand and get their honest opinion too.

A bodhran will likely stay with you a long time, its best to get from the right supplier.

Performance Is Always More Significant Than Looks

When it comes to music instruments, the way they are finished in looks doesn’t always contribute most.

No doubt, you will want a bodhran that will look great in your hand. But the best ones focus on their music output. This is where naturally wooden bodhrans with not much processing are best.

If you are looking for that really punchy sounds of traditional bodhrans, wooden frames will suffice.

As un-processed and non-polished your woods are, better more punchy sounds you will get. Be ready to sacrifice a bit on looks and finishes when looking for the absolutely best sounding bodhrans.

Materials of Your Irish Bodhran Contribute Great Deal

How your bodhran will sound, is highly subject to its materials. Plastic frames will miss that punchy heft to their beats.

Basswood frames that are heavier will produce the most bass as well. Like some stringed instruments including violins for sale, selection of woods and materials play a vital role for bodhrans. 

Also, the type of skin or the membrane on your bodhran will make it sound the way it does.

Traditionally, goat skin has been used for the purpose. Cow and buffalo skin also produces similar output as long as it is processed right.

Naturally dried and processed skins will always produce the best music.

Tuneable Bodhrans Should Be Choice of the Pros

Many people believe that tuneable bodhrans existed well before the 1960s, which is commonly thought to be their introductory timeframe.

Regardless of whether the inside tuneable bodhrans got introduced in the 1960s or not, this feature adds a lot indeed. It is a make or break for many bodhran pros.

It might be a bit more complex to play and tune bodhrans by your own self, but it’s very handy.

Turning the inner tuning pieces inside the frame, you can control the quality of music generated by a bodhran.

More bass can be added or it can be reduced with these tuning attachments inside the skin.

Also, tuning the skin of the bodhran or tightening it, produces music of choice for many.

Pros should always rely on tuneable bodhrans as they would be able to control its music output. New learners can get simple basic ones that will be easier to learn as well.

There Are Many Beautifully Finished Irish Bodhrans Available

For people who value the way their bodhrans look, there are always many great options available.

Frames for modern bodhrans come in many different shapes, sizes, colours and finishes.

Polished wooden frames with various wooden grains and colour finishes are perfect choice for many.

Plastic frames that are available in potentially any colour are great for some too. Different depth for their frames can change the way a bodhran looks as well.

Engraved and stamped bodhrans for groups or players are also available depending on who needs them and why.

Get a Bodhran + Tipper + Bag Deal with Better Value for Money

Buying a bodhran with its tipper and bag almost always brings a better value for money deal.

Almost every bodhran player will be using a tipper, unless you are a hand play champion.

You would also need a bag to carry it around and to keep it safe while not in use too.

Many bodhran sellers like Muzikkon in Ireland offer attractive deals for these when buying together.

Be sure to check any deals available and get yourself the quality bodhran that you need.

Also, when you get your tipper and bag from the same supplier with the bodhran, everything will surely sync well together.

Buy a Couple of Extra Skins with Your Bodhran

A frequent bodhran players always runs through his/her skins rapidly. Although, these are made to last a long time, frequent tightening makes them complete their cycle within months.

If you want your bodhran to sound as punchy and bass-filled as it did the first day, changing skins is the only option.

Bodhran skins are available for cheap as well. Quality ones go for something around the £14-20 mark.

It’s always best to have them with you when travelling for performances as well.

Just get a couple of extra ones as they don’t take much space and will be available when you need them.