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Production Possibility Curve

A Production Possibilities Curve is also known as the production possibilities frontier (PPF). It refers to a graph that represents the maximum number of possible units a company can produce if only two products are produced efficiently, using all the available resources.

In a business environment, a production possibility curve is useful in measuring the efficiency of a production system when two products are being manufactured together. Management uses this graph to determine the optimum ratio of units to produce, which will minimize cost and waste while maximizing profits at the same time.

Graphically it can be represented as:

The graph highlights the maximum possible number of units that a company can produce by efficiently utilizing all its resources. Therefore, one product’s maximum production possibilities are plotted on the X-axis and the other product on the Y-axis.

The curve thus drawn is used to represent the number of goods that can be produced using the limited resources and a brief pause at each point.

 A descending slanted line represents the possible quid pro quo between producing the product bread and product butter. As soon as the company begins to divert more resources towards producing product B, the production of product A will decline and vice-versa, with the available amount of company resources. Also, any point that is below the curve shows a production level that is not utilizing a hundred percent (100%) of the company’s available resources.

The basic premise of PPC is that all the resources for production are at a fixed level. It means the production of one product if decreased or stopped, then only the output of other products will increase. 

The production risk curves could be a hypothetic illustration of the quantity of 2 completely different products that may be obtained by shifting resources from the assembly of 1 to the assembly of the opposite. The curve is employed to explain a society’s selection between 2 completely different products. Figure 1, shows the 2 products as consumption and investment. Investment product square measure product that square measure concerned within the production of additional consumer products. They embrace physical capital like machines, buildings, roads, etc. and human investments like education and coaching. The sums of all investments frame the capital stock of society. to indicate the purpose wherever all resources were wont to manufacture consumption product, one ought to move straight up the vertical axes to the curve. to indicate the purpose where all resources were wont to manufacture investment products, one ought to move straight on the horizontal axes to the curve. each point square measure extreme and delusive. each points A and B depicted additional realistic combos, with purpose A showing additional consumption and fewer investment, whereas purpose B shows additional investment and fewer consumption.

The production risk curve of figure one. shows the trade-off in production between investments and consumer products. Any 2 classes of various products may be chosen. What they’re is bigoted. The curve is employed to indicate throughout a particular amount, what may be made of the mixture of the 2 product, if all resources square measure totally utilized, whereas technology and establishments don’t amendment. Given those conditions, society’s output potential is realized anyplace on the curve (which is named the assembly risk curve’s frontier). idle resources (labor, capital, physical resources) of Associate in Nursing kind would end in an inefficient production level and would be shown as a degree to the left, or within the curve. By definition all-purpose to the proper or outside of the assembly risk curve (frontier) square measure not possible, given the boundaries of resources and technology.

Economist square measure typically asked to form cost/benefit studies of economic comes, to assist verify their overall worth. however thanks to the intangibles, and subjective nature of each edge and chance prices, no definitive answer will be given. The studies ought to be viewed solely as mutually input into the choice method, and not as definitive.

 The production possibility frontier tells us that there are limits to production. So an economy, to achieve the desired efficiency, must decide what combination of goods and services can be produced.

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