Reacher Grabber Tools: A Worthy Convenience

Reacher Grabber Tools
Reacher Grabber Tools


Failing to reach for the object far away from you? Literally and figuratively speaking, we have all been there. On a serious note, we are frequently faced with the prospect of attaining an object, not in reach, for example, a pair of trousers entangled in the numerous branches of a tree towering above the mundane blocks of bricks. And this is exactly where we wish we could do something about it. Guess what, where there is a will there is a way.

What is a Grabber-Reacher tool?

Think of Grabber-Reacher tools as an extension of your arm. Let me give you an analogy. Let’s say you are an avid photographer and you want to picture the moon. The moon is millions of miles away, so how are you going to take a decent looking picture? You’ll attach a higher focal length lens to get closer to the moon. Coming back to the point, think of the higher focal length lens as a Grabber-Reacher tool.

Design of Grabber-Reacher Tools

The reacher grabber tool comes in several variations. However, the basic design philosophy is the same. Most of them have a mouth that resembles a toothless jaw or a fist that is used to grab an object, followed by a 3 feet long rod comprising the middle portion. The rod can be constructed from aluminum, stainless steel or carbon fiber. This rod forms the backbone of the entire tool. The stronger the material used to construct it, the more durable the tool will be.  At the other end, the tool is supplemented by a handle with a switch that resembles a trigger. The handle can be covered with soft touch plastic or rubber depending on the degree of comfort the manufacturer wants to add to their product.

The Grabber Reacher tools you should consider buying

BirdRock Home 32 Inch Long Grabber

A jaw covered in soft-touch rubber and has the versatility of being rotated 90 degrees, this tool is a well-constructed product built to satisfy the hearts of the consumers. You won’t feel that you are lacking quality. While a bit flimsier, it more than makes up thanks to its excellent grip and simple adjustability.

Ontel Gopher II Pick-Up & Reaching Tool

Unlike the conventional grabbers, it has suction cups attached to the ends of the claw that creates a remarkably secure grip around whatever object you intend to grasp with it. A good overall product that offers excellent dexterity, it should definitely be in your buying list.

Vive Suction Cup Reacher Grabber

Another tool comprising of suction cups, the vive suction cup reacher grabber is an excellent product that oozes quality. Built with expert craftsmanship, this tool checks all the correct boxes. One minor gripe we have with it is that it pinches the skin sometimes while pressing the trigger.


Reacher grabber tools are the cure for the everyday inconvenience that mars all of our lives. Not only does it solve our problems, but it makes our lives much more comfortable. Relaxing on the sofa and too lazy to collect the remote, get one of these and cultivate solace in your life.

Written by Amelia

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