Reasons why one should opt for Coir Mattress


Who does not want a good night’s sleep at the end of the day? And one must understand that the comfort level of your mattress does decide how tight you sleep is. If you have been struggling with your sleep, maybe it’s time to change your bed. Coir mattress should be your one option to check out. Coir mattresses are those specialized mattresses that are made up of finest quality natural fibers. These fibers can be obtained only by removing or eliminating coconut husks.

What is a Coir Mattress?                                                                             

The fibers in the Coir foam mattress usually enhance the durability of these mattresses, which the beds can sustain for years without any damage. The springiness of these mattresses is entirely natural, which is why they provide excellent back support, especially to people suffering from acute back pain. These mattresses have got eco-friendly materials that are non-harmful, which is why you will never experience any skin rashes or irritations. Coir mattresses can be of two types, one is with hybrid coir, and the other one is with rubberized coir.

Features of Coir Mattress:

  • Smooth surfaces: Coir foam mattress has got plain surfaces, and if you sleep on them, you can certainly feel the smoothness. This smoothness will enable you to enjoy a night of uninterrupted sleep. And for every night! Moreover, the dimensions of these mattresses are perfect and precise as they can be customized. So they can be the ideal fit for every kind of bed.
  • Ecofriendly: This is one of the most significant and most impressive features for which these mattresses have come into the limelight these days. Traditional foam mattresses are not at all eco-friendly in nature, so you might feel a lot of discomfort. But in this case, you will receive the utmost comfort due to the fabric’s fantastic softness. Eco-friendliness of these mattresses will never let your skin get damaged even after years of use.
  • Exclusive materials: Their fabrics are only exclusive, and this is the very reason they can give an elegant appeal to your bed. Moreover, they can be maintained easily, as well. They can be washed and cleaned thoroughly. They are equipped with specialized zippers that allow you to take out the mattresses when cleaning. You can choose the dry cleaning process for maintaining the shone and beauty of these mattresses intact for long.
  • Compression: Since the mattress gets compressed automatically as soon as you sleep over it, therefore, you will not receive a harsh push back ever, and this will help in making your body and mind relaxed completely. Your body pressure will get perfectly balanced by the mattresses. On the other hand, your body heat will also remain preserved efficiently. You will feel lighter in the body after you lie down. This compression will help in stimulating your pressure points, which will release stress slowly from your body. Stress release will help you fall asleep faster and give you a refreshing morning after a great sleep at night. The mattress will never get sagged; instead, it will remain intact. This is another positive point that has made it much more attractive and popular.

Advantages of using Coir Mattress:

  • Health benefits: Health benefits of a Coir foam mattressare simply many. No dust-mites or bacteria will ever get developed on these mattresses as a result of which you will never have any breathing or skin issues. On the other hand, recurring back-pains will simply disappear if you sleep on these mattresses regularly. Since the mattress fabric is non-toxic in nature, the body will stay away from all kinds of toxic elements. Even if you have any existing respiratory issues, then also you will recover soon after sleeping on these specially customized mattresses crafted to suit your body types. Not only back problems but neck or shoulder issues will even get cured. Uncomfortable sleeping can be easily avoided as the mattress temperature does not change due to seasonal impact. Many severe health conditions can also be treated well if you sleep on these high-quality mattresses.
  • Good investment: Coir mattresses are definitely an excellent investment, and you can go for it at any point in time. They need not be maintained intensely, and they are also damage-proof. No tear or wear like issues will arrive ever. The mattress surface will remain intact rather than getting sagged. Many brands are now offering guarantees on the durability and the quality of these mattresses. Since the bed will stay for years, therefore you do not have to take the pain of purchasing a new one. This is how you can save a lot of costs if you buy these mattresses. They are also highly moisture and fire-resistant. These mattresses have been found as the perfect suit, especially for senior citizens and small children.


Coir foam mattress offers excellent ventilation with excellent hygroscopic quality. People with different allergies are often recommended using it instead of ordinary beds. It caters to a perfect cooling sensation, which is really great, especially during summers. Now you know which type of mattress you need to pick when you go shopping.