Safety Tips During your Travel in local trains in Mumbai, India

Each day Mumbai Suburban Railways operates more than 2,300 trains and the majority of the city’s population commute through them daily. Without this transportation system, Mumbai would come to a standstill and would disrupt the normalcy of everybody’s daily life.

Regardless of how Mumbai local trains make the lives of daily passengers easier, it has its share of drawbacks too.

For instance, passengers are often subjected to unwarranted situations like pickpocketing or loss of baggage while travelling in an overcrowded train. There are even cases of accidents leading to injuries or even fatal in nature.

Since missing an overcrowded train is not an option for the daily passengers, they need to be safe and better equipped while commuting in local trains in the city.

For starters, they should follow these safety tips mentioned below and avail a Mumbai local train accident cover avail necessary financial assistance during emergencies.

Tip 1 – Don’t get down in between stations

Always get down at scheduled halts. Do not risk running into unwarranted situations by getting down in between stations. Sometimes trains stop before their scheduled halts to let other trains pass by.

Individuals who are inside a train may not be aware of the train that is about to pass them. In a hurry to get down, they may end up meeting a fatal accident. In such situations, passengers with insurance for Mumbai local train accidents may be at a better standing than those who are not insured with the same.

Tip 4 – Don’t get down from a moving train

Local trains in Mumbai are crowded most of the time. Sometimes, passengers are unable to move to get down at their designated station because of the same. While other times they are in a great hurry to get down and do not care much if the train is still in motion.

Such reckless habits may easily prove dangerous and may lead to bodily injuries. Pocket Insurance and Subscriptions like Mumbai Local Train Insurance or a Mumbai local cover offered by NBFCs like Bajaj Finserv may come handy in meeting the financial repercussions of such situations.

Tip 5 – Keep away from the door

For the ease of getting down, most passengers prefer standing near the train’s door. Though it may seem like a fair idea at first, it can prove dangerous as well.

While being pushed inside may create a commotion inside the compartment, leading to an aggressive bashing, falling outside would cause greater problems and sufferings.

Passengers who had availed a Mumbai local train insurance cover as a precautionary measure can avail the cost of their treatment covered. Similarly, in the case of personal belongings like mobile phone’s screen, Pocket Insurance and Subscriptions like Mobile Screen Insurance offered by Bajaj Finserv can provide the necessary financial coverage over damages made.

Tip 3 – Don’t take anything from co-passengers

As a child, we all have been taught not to take anything that a stranger offers. The advice stands valid for local trains in Mumbai as well.

If an unknown co-passenger offers food or water to you, decline their offer politely. People with different temperaments and intentions board a train; always be alert and on guard while commuting in a local train.  Also, do not overshare or disclose your details.

Tip 6 – Keep your valuables in the bag

While travelling in a local train in Mumbai, make it a point to keep your valuables inside your bag in the event of boarding a crowded train. Passengers with Pocket Insurance and Subscriptions such as a Baggage Insurance policy in place will be in a better position if their baggage is stolen or damaged during their journey.

Additionally, if you find a seat near a window, make sure to stay alert throughout the journey to avoid your mobile phone being snatched away through the window.

To reiterate, staying alert on local trains in important to maintain safety. Also, having an extensive Mumbai local train accident cover helps to face unwarranted situations better. On the same note, metro passengers may apply for Mumbai metro insurance cover for the same reasons.

Mumbai is a ‘land of opportunity’, and some take that slogan a little too seriously. As if the immense commute pressure wasn’t enough, now pickpockets in Mumbai local trains are a rampant menace. An insurance policy for Mumbai local train travellersfinancially minimises the adverse impacts of a wallet or purse theft. For example, it allows the insured to block all payment cards (credit/debit) with a single phone call.  

Purchasing a Daily Commute Insurance plan under the Pocket Insurance schemes by Bajaj Finserv can be a sigh of relief. This Mumbai local coveroffers high coverage limit of up to Rs. 3 Lakh at an affordable premium of Rs. 549/ year. So, when taking a local train journey next time, keep these things in mind to ensure a safe trip and deal with an unforeseen situation with an insurance plan.