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Security Tips: 4 Tips to Secure an IoT device in a fail-safe way

IoT devices can be hacked and misused in a number of ways as these devices collect a lot of personal data. IoT devices are being released constantly, Many of these devices track our online activities and our whereabouts. Although these logs and devices are incredibly beneficial in a lot of ways, they also come up with risks and challenges. Anything that has a microphone or camera can quickly turn into a nightmare.

So here are some quick tips for how to secure IoT devices.

Keep your firmware updated:

Your software must be updated. This is the most essential tip for any IoT device ever. To address all potential vulnerabilities, patches get released all the time, So it is extremely important to keep your firmware fully updated. For some devices auto-update software isn’t available, spend some time downloading and installing the latest firmware from a reputable and genuine source. One pro tip to secure your IoT device is, never download and install any firmware from any other source. Always use the manufacturer’s official website to download the latest software.

Protect Devices with secure passwords:

Surf the best approach to secure your device and use it to secure your device. Use strong passwords to protect your device. To simplify configuration and update processes, most manufacturers set up a default password for all devices. However, be sure to change the password as soon as you install the device. If your product is being used by multiple clients, impose strong passwords such as facial verification to know your client.

Build a separate network for devices:

An evil fridge can impose a huge destructive threat to your personal life, so never underestimate the threat. In this digital era, a lot of home appliances are connected to your network, it is easy for a hacker to jump from any those devices to your personal device to steal your intimate information.

Create a separate network for your confidential devices and keep digital home appliances away from that personal network. You can also set up multiple networks to make it harder for a cybercriminal to gain access.

Think about security before buying a device:

Some IoT devices such as smartphone accessories, gaming devices and earphones may seem cheap and harmless stuff. However, Just like anything else, they are connected to your network, and may, nonetheless, represent a vulnerability that can cost you.

Before purchasing a device, always investigate the safety, security systems it has in place and reputability of a device. Check if the device is compliant with encryption and SSL/TLS standards.

Check the reputation of those who produce and deploy the IoT as security must be a fundamental priority for the designer. Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF) and Internet Society are currently pushing companies towards standard protocols, but most of the manufacturers do not care about adhering.


Best way to keep your IoT devices secure is, keep them connected, only when you need. Keep your firmware up to date and also use strong and fail-safe passwords.