SEO Checklist to Get More Traffic on Your WordPress Website

People might say that might compel you to think that SEO practices and SEO is something very old school. You can google up about this and you might be able to see hundreds and thousands of search results. 

This is a clear indicator that because SEO has taken a drastic turn, it doesn’t mean that SEO has died. Businesses today tend to take a new and more useful approach. 

There are different bootstrap companies and blogs that have built their entire business from scratch based on organic search. 

This can be very risky. Still, it is a symbol that organic searching is still in the game. This will help you get more traffic and become a dominating entity in competition.

Here are a few tips that can help you rank your website and the website content in search engines. This includes ranking your content and websites on Google, Bing, and Yahoo. These result in more and improved organic traffic. 

For instance, if you enter a query like the Internet or let’s say CenturyLink Bundles or anything else you will see different results. So without any further delay, look at the following practices that you should have a look at and increase your traffic at a tremendous rate. 

Get A WordPress SEO Plugin Installed: 

WordPress is one of the most outstanding platforms as far as SEO is concerned. It is a recommended practice that you get an SEO plugin installed when you are working using a WordPress website. 

This lets users with full control when Google optimizes your website. When it comes to popularity, Yoast SEO and the All-in-One SEO Pack Plugins become a game-changer. 

These use amazing end-to-end optimization capabilities to get the job done. It is a recommendation that you should use Yoast SEO.

Setup Friendly Permalinks

As a default, WordPress provides users with some weird looking permalinks or URL structures that do not look or sound very neat. 

The default structure tends to insert the day and the name into the URL. This might look something with a lot of symbols and a lot of alphanumeric characters. 

You can change that to a “Post name” permalink structure when you click “Permalinks”. You can find this somewhere under the settings menu when you are in your WordPress dashboard. Then you can select “Post name” and then click where it says “Save Changes”.

If you note that when you change the permalink structure after your posts get published and can render links used in previous times as useless. Also, people share these links on their social networks. 

The links shared on social media platforms will remain unable. Also, you will be able to direct traffic to your website even in this situation. 

If you want to get your permalink structure changed on an older website so it is necessary that you direct previous URLs to new permalinks. 

Also, you might need to edit the .htaccess file. Also, you can leverage a third-party plugin including a Change Permalink Helper.

Title Tags Are Important

It is important that you know what your main “focus keywords” are. Also, make sure that you rank them in your blog posts or the page title tags. 

Experts recommend that if you place your keyword at the beginning of the title. This will get you more weight when it comes to working with search engines. For instance, there is a title that says “Business Blogging Tips For Beginners”.  

Here the first two words that say “Business Blogging” are placed in the very beginning. There is a chance that it is not a possibility always. But this can definitely get a little boost. 

You can set a title tag using Yoast SEO which has a viewable limit of around 65 characters. So, If you intend to go beyond this, there is a chance that it might not appear. 

As of now, SEO specialists work around a limited number of pixels. Yoast uses characters based on an estimate and your title tags not only affect your SEO but also the CTR on your website as well. 

Always Remember That You Have To Use a Focus Keyword

When it comes to using WordPress SEO, it is important that you should keep in mind one thing that Google is an algorithm. 

This is the reason that keywords are still the making and breaking point of the whole business. It is important that you act smart when creating your content. 

You can write to the audience and keep the best SEO optimization in mind. Make sure that you consider other search engines as well. 

When you are writing a post to post on your WordPress website, you can always have a focus keyword in mind. Don’t straight away publish a post because you need to push out more content. 

These are some of the practices that I wanted to share with you guys so that you can generate more traffic. Also, make sure that you follow these practices and create posts that help your business grow.