Shelter A Basic Need for All – Why is It Considered as a Basic Need?

The shelter is one of the basic needs, which is compulsory for every human being on this earth. It can protect you and your family from the sun, insects, wind, rain, snow, warm and cold temperatures, and even from your enemy. Different cultures have various concepts about their homes and shelters. In some cultures, they show how much people are wealthy because the size of houses or accommodation describes it, and it provides a feeling of well-being.

Shelter-A basic Need for all

In some areas of the world, the need for shelter is more significant than the need for food, water, and clothes. Some people say that shelter is like water in the body as the body cannot survive without water, so it is complicated for the people to survive without shelter. And it is a fact that the harsh effects of temperature can damage your skin and overall health if you are living without shelter.

Shelter provides security

More importantly, shelter is a secure place for women and girls in almost all parts of the world because they may have several types of risk related to violence. No doubt that shelter is a safe and secure place to live. People feel a sense of protection while living in a house. The accommodation provides a feeling of security for your whole family, especially for your children, to save them from violence, and it is imperative to rebuild the self-esteem of your entire family.

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A family must have a suitable shelter to spend a secure and independent life. Shelters can provide a complete range of security and support services to the people who are living there if they are maintained well with proper resources. It is indispensable to have suitable shelter to minimize the risk of violence so future abuse can be avoided. Shades play a vital role in the contribution of creating and increasing awareness and social change to prevent violence against women and girls. 

The shelter is necessary for everyone.

Almost every family, no matter which religion, culture, society, or country it belongs to, requires a suitable shelter to spend their life. So, they try their best in their life and struggle to have a decent roof over their heads. Nowadays, it is complicated for people all across the world, especially in developing countries, to pay rents for shelters. It is complicated for them to manage the unpredictable increase in rent.

Due to the significant rise in population, the demands of shades are increasing day by day, which is very difficult for an average family to have a shelter on rent. Lack of financial resources and land is also a significant factor which is creating enough problems for millions of families in the world to make their shelters. This situation creates a massive level of stress and fear for the families which don’t have their shelter. People must have suitable housing which provides them self-esteem and helps them to live life comfortably and happily.

The amount of rent paid for accommodation every month can be consumed on other types of necessary needs. We can say that the people having their shelters are spending a comfortable life as compared to the people who are paying colossal rent every month. This amount can be used to increase the skills and abilities of their children by providing them the best resources. 

According to two different surveys conducted, children living in their child shelters have better health, and they have shown good performances in their schools and are more secure as compared to two children who are without shades. Parents who have their shelters are living happily because they have enough money to meet the different needs of their families, especially a selective mother who is most conscious about their children. 


The shelter is an excellent platform for almost everyone to live their life with great ease. It helps the families to face today’s realities and prepare themselves for every situation faced by them in the future. The shelter is one of the basic needs of every humankind in this world. If people are unable to get suitable housing, then it is the responsibility of the state to facilitate them and provide them enough resources so they can fulfill this basic need.