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Should You Buy a Used Car Based Only on Kilometers Driven or Not?

Buy a Used Car

One of the first things that come to mind when we opt for a used car over a new one is its mileage or the total distance the car has traveled. This is an important factor when it comes to choosing the right second-hand car because there are a lot of things to consider when a car’s mileage comes into play. Another vital factor is the age of the car and its condition at the time of the purchase. So, without further ado, let’s discuss if the driven kilometers of a used car should determine whether we should or should not buy the vehicle.

For starters, it only seems obvious that low mileage cars are the way to go because they have been used less frequently when compared to cars with higher kilometers on their odometers. In the same way, a newer model would seem like the perfect choice when buying a used car, right? Unfortunately, that is not always the case. A car’s mileage and age don’t necessarily provide accurate information on how the car will perform in the future.

Cars With Lower Mileages Perform Better

This is a common misconception among many used car buyers. The idea of fewer numbers on the odometer doesn’t always mean that the car is in perfect condition. Here, there are factors such as maintenance, driving conditions, and age that play an important role. For instance, a 5-year old car with over 60,000 kms might offer you a better performance when compared to a 3-year old car with only 10,000 kms.

This might be because the previous owner didn’t maintain the car properly or the car was subjected to harsh driving conditions such as bumper-to-bumper traffic on a daily basis. While the exteriors of the newer model might look better, the engine and other components could have severe wear and tear due to excessively stressful conditions.

How Important Is A Cars Age?

If there was one thing most of us look for in 2nd hand cars, it has got to be its age. We, more often than not, look for newer models rather than older ones – for obvious reasons. But, are newer models always a better option? If you are going solely on age, a 3-year old car with just under 10,000 kms would sound like the perfect package whereas a 6-year old model with 50,000+ kms does seem rather unpleasant.

Now, look at it in a different way. If the 3-year old car has 10,000 kms on its odometer, it is more than likely that the owner didn’t use it as much and the car sat idle for extended periods of time. If you know anything about cars, you would know that leaving a car to sit idle causes more harm than good. A car has some components such as the battery, electrical system, rubber parts, as well as the engine belts which require regular usage. The more these parts are left idle, the worse their performance when the car is finally turned on. In this situation, an older, 50,000 km run car would be in perfect working condition as all the parts would have had enough time to perform as they should.

Is It Worth The Extra Money?

The lower the mileage, the higher the price tag – it’s just common knowledge really. But should you be spending the extra cash for a used car that may or may not offer an “almost mint-condition” performance. It all depends on what you’re buying the car for, really. If your ultimate objective is to buy a newer car, use it for a couple of years, and then have it sold so you don’t lose your investment, then perfect.

But, if you are buying a used car to drive it for 50,000 to 1, 00,000 kms, you might want to look for a well-maintained older model with 40,000 – 50,000 kms already under the hood. This does not only give you a seasoned vehicle, but it will also save you a bucket load of cash as well since older cars tend to be cheaper.

Final Decision

At the end of it all, the choice between a newer used car and an older one isn’t really based on its mileage, age, or performance – the choice is yours to make and it all depends on what you want the car for. Yes, mileage is an important factor that you should consider when buying used cars in Noida or in Nellore, but there are other things that are as important which could help you make an informed decision when needed.

Given that the pre-owned segment has significantly grown over the years, finding a perfect car that meets all your requirements shouldn’t be too hard. From classic sedans to monstrous SUVs and everything in between, the used car market in India has a lot to offer – for all types of buyers.