Simple Steps For Doing Residential Roofing

Replacement of roofing is more than nailing down the shingles. In today’s world, roofing is based on the technology, advanced material approach, which aimed to protect your biggest asset, known as your home. Installing new roofing is known to be a very hectic job, so it’s better to understand the facts of the roofing that will be highly beneficial. From the cost involved in the knowledge of installation pitfalls, there is a lot of information which you will need to get familiar with yourself. If you want to get a successful replacement by yourself and without getting costly surprises along the way, here are some steps for doing residential roofing, which will help you a lot. Let’s check it out.

Protection of Property

The first and foremost job which you will have to do is to assure entire protection to your property while replacement of the roof will undergo. This will include siding, plants, walls, bushes, etc. You can use plywood and traps to protect your house. After that, you should remove completely old shingles in order to inspect wood decking. 

Inspection of Roofing

Every project of roofing replacement begins with the inspection of wood decking. Any wet, rooted, and softwood is found, then it should be removed immediately for creating a solid base for your roofing structure. Sadly, many contractors for roofing do not check the missing nails while removal of old roofing material. They tend to install new ones without even re-nailing the old wood decking. After the installation of new roofing, you will not get any faults, but after a few days of that, you will find bumps in your roof.

Preparation of Roof Surface for Shingles

  • Installation of Drop Edge:  After the preparation of the wood deck, you will need to install the drip edges at every edge of the roof. A piece of metal at 90 degrees is known to be a drip edge. This drips edge is used to prevent rain from getting into the underneath of roofing material from all sides. 
  • Installation of Water and Ice Shield:  The installation of water and ice shield will be a special type underlayment of roofing. Water and ice shields tend to stick on the wood decking, and it will help you to prevent water leakage. 
  • Installation of Roofing Felt:  After you have installed the water and ice shield, your roof is required to cover with the roofing felt. It will prevent the shingles from getting stuck to the wood.

Installation of New Roofing Material

After the completion of the above steps, you will require to start your new roofing material. You will need to work from the bottom up and follow step-by-step ridge vents, ridge capping, counter flashing installation as needed. 

Site Clean-Up

You will need to clean the whole site properly and daily. You must assure that you clean up your site and make it as before when you started the roofing. 

Final Inspection

Every project of roofing replacement needs a final inspection. This will include post roofing inspection, meticulously performed. You will need to assure you that your roofing has done properly and that it also does meet your complete satisfaction. 


The roof of every house is essential, and you will need to keep good care of that. In this guide, you will get some steps of replacement of roofing, which will be highly beneficial for you. With the help of this, you can easily do this job on your own, and even you can check whether the contractor is doing his proper job or not.

Olivia Wilson is a digital nomad and founder of Todays Past. She travels the world while freelancing & blogging. She has over 5 years of experience in the field with multiple awards. She enjoys pie, as should all right-thinking people.