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Six Reasons Your Gutters Need To Be Cleaned

gutter cleaning

What purpose do your gutters serve? Is gutter cleaning in Vancouver necessary?

They shield you from the rain as you open the door, but they also protect your ceilings, doors, foundation, and walls from being damaged by water. Gutters also prevent your basement from flooding, reduces soil erosion, and protect the fascia and patio of your home from decay and being water stained. 

For a gutter system to be able to do all that, it must be in working condition. By making certain, they are clean and clear of debris, dirt, dust, leaves, twigs, and other items. This required regular exterior gutter cleaner services in Vancouver. A thorough gutter washing will wash out the stuff that is blocking your gutter system and keeping the rain from flowing through to the downspout.

A professional gutter cleaning service in Vancouver will provide your home with many benefits. The following is a list of those benefits that a complete home services gutter cleaning regularly will ensure.

1. Prevents Water Damage

Clean and properly installed gutters will channel the rain, melted ice, and snow off your roof and away from your house. With a professional gutter cleaning for your Vancouver home, this will prevent damage happening to your home that can get expensive such as:

  • Flooding and weakening the foundation and diminishing the integrity of your home.
  • Roof leaks that will damage the ceiling, fascia board, floor, walls, and more.

When clogged gutters aren’t clean and cleared, causing the damage described, not only is it making your home unstable, it reduces the value too. 

2. Eliminate Nesting Places

Exterior gutter cleaner service will clear out the breeding and nesting area of birds, insects, mice, mosquitos, rats, and more. When you consider that al of these things carry and spread disease and viruses, why wouldn’t you want a complete home and gutter cleaning service?

The debris of leaves, limbs, and twigs left in your gutter will decompose and form an organic matter. From there, it is only a matter of time that fungi, tree seedlings, and other plants begin to take root and grow, then attract more pests like the mosquitoes, rats, and other disease and illness carrying bugs and parasites.

 3. Protects Landscaping

Part of your home’s exterior beauty and curb appeal is the landscaping that you have taken so much effort and spent money on creating. A poorly maintained gutter system can ruin all of that and erode the soil around your home as it washes away your flowers and plants. A professional gutter cleaning service in Vancouver will get your gutter systems cleaned out, the downspouts cleared, repair broken gutters and hangers.

4. Prevents Basement Flooding

A blocked and clogged gutter system forces the rain and water to overflow then spill out around the foundation of your home. That water will eventually find its way to the basement. The rain or melted ice and snow are enough, and it can cause flooding.

A flooded basement is a severe matter other than just the flood itself. Mildew and mold begin to form, triggering allergies, and irritating anyone with respiratory disorders. If you store electronics, furniture, or anything of value in your basement, it is prone to be damaged. If you have turned your basement into a spare room, that will be ruined as well.

A proper and thorough gutter washing can prevent all this and keep the rain and water channeling away from your home.

5. Extends the lifespan Of Your Roof

An exterior gutter cleaner by an experienced and professional service will extend your roof’s lifespan as well by keeping the added weight of melted ice and snow off your roof. If your gutters are clogged with debris, leaves, limbs, etc., the water will freeze inside the gutter system, weight the gutter down, and could pull them from the house, creating extensive (and expensive) damage.

 The predominant motive of a gutter system is to assist rain and water is flowing off the roof and into a managed drain. When they are clogged, your gutters can’t drain properly, not only will it pool up around your foundation, but it will back up under the shingles. From there, it works its way to the decking and into the attic. Before long, you’ll start to see dark spots on the ceiling and walls where the water has created a leak.

 6. Enhances Your Home Curb Appeal and Value

Gutters also provide that finishing touch to any home, adding to the aesthetics and improve the value of your home. If you ever sell your home, it will show to prospective buyers that you have been the homeowner that kept the maintenance up on your home, lessening their concerns about what they are buying a substantial house.

If you haven’t had a professional gutter cleaning service for your Vancouver home in a while, now is the time to make that appointment!