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Some things you should know about Armenian Cuisine

Armenian Cuisine

It is not a secret that when traveling to Armenia it would be a small crime to miss out on local cuisine- rich and tasteful, it will not leave u disappointed. With recently developing wine tours and numerous restaurants, Armenia is a great spot for people who love to eat healthy, tasty and affordable. Like other cuisines, the development of Armenian cuisine largely depended on a number of geographic, historical and cultural aspects, such as the natural environment where Armenians lived, as well as the availability of certain vegetables, plants, fish, meat, etc.

However, if earlier, preparation of a traditional Armenian homemade dish would take long hours, nowadays, it is much more accessible. Luckily, now you can try a big variety of the best Armenian dishes offered by many famous local restaurants.

Enjoy many dishes

First and foremost, many locals and visitors will advise you to visit Dolmama Restaurant. Established in 1998, throughout these years it hosted many famous people including presidents, ambassadors, singers and other public figures. The name of the restaurant is related to their main dish- Dolma, which they are mostly known for. In Dolmama you can also enjoy many other dishes like Khashlama, some of the Armenian soups, such as Sepas or Aveluk soup, etc.

Delicious Armenian dishes

Another place where you can try delicious Armenian dishes is Sherep– the first restaurant in Armenia with an open kitchen, where the visitors can see the process of food preparation. Located very close to the Republic Square, it is not only very accessible but also offers a great selection of the best dishes beloved by Armenians and the interesting mixtures of those.

Caucasian cuisine

If you would like to try the dishes prepared in the most traditional and classical ways, thanTavern Yerevan can be of your interest. Aside from Armenian dishes, you can also try other meals from Caucasian cuisine beloved by Armenians. From salads to Khorovats, from soups to Khachapuri, the food will always taste like home-made here.

However, many tourists prefer alternative ways to discover the local cuisine, such as gastronomic tours in Armenia. You can easily find interesting options for wine-tours exploring the unique tastes and history of local wine. The tours offer visits to many Armenian regions, where the winemaking is mostly developed- VayotsDzor and Areni among those.

Armenian finest wine

Nevertheless, if you plan more on staying in Yerevan- Armenia’s capital and still want to try some of Armenian finest wine, there are a number of wineries or “ginetun”-s (literally translated as wine-houses) which have a big menu of wine selection.  They are mostly located on Saryan street, next to one another, especially atmospheric in the summer season. From local up to French, Spanish and other wines, your visit to those wine-houses will be unforgettable also because of the vibrant atmosphere such places have. No wonder, ginetuns are always full, so, in case you decided to visit those, make sure to have an early reservation.

Traditional Armenian dishes

Now, that you know where to eat, you, most probably, wondering what you should order once in a restaurant. Here are several dishes you need to know about and try once in Armenia:


Deriving from Armenian word “khashel”, literally translated as “to boil”,Khashis a dish with boiled cow parts, mostly feet, and head. It usually takes long hours to prepare and is eaten with dry lavash (Armenian thin bread) during big gatherings. Everyone who lives in Armenia has at least once tried this dish- whether at a restaurant or at home.


On contrary to Khash, lavash is a very ordinary product for Armenians- almost present in every house you might enter. It is usually used for the same purposes as bread, yet it is considered to contain fewer calories and, thus, be better for those who try to maintain a healthy diet. It is usually eaten with cheese or other dishes.


Although very popular, yetGhapama or stuffed pumpkin is a dish mostly for special occasions. It usually includes rice, dried fruits and as a sweetener either sugar or honey. Even though it might be very specific and not to everyone’s taste, it is still one of the most beloved dishes from Armenian cuisine. There’s even an old song about it, which almost every Armenian is familiar with.


If you have a sweet tooth, then you will not be indifferent to Gata, either. Called Armenian sweet bread it can have many sizes, shapes and variations. However, it always has Khoriz– a filling which is very simple, since it’s made from three ingredients only- flour, sugar and butter. Some might add walnuts to khoriz or make the filling less sweet. Other variations might include more khoriz than others, nevertheless, in all its possible variations gata is one of the most beloved pastries for Armenians.

No matter if you prefer meat or fish, if you are a vegan or a vegetarian, you will, definitely, be able to find the dish matching your taste the most.  You can prefer the innovative food tours in Armenia or just a relaxed day sitting in a restaurant with a big portion of Ghapama or Dolma- in any way, you will still be positively surprised by the local cuisine.

Whatever you choose, make sure to make your visit to Armenia unforgettable. Try tasty national dishes and travel in Armenia with comfort and joy!