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The provides content on the science of marketing. We target seasoned executives who are interested reading about Tech and Travel and Fashion tests that have resulted in findings that are relevant to their career success. If you’d like to write for us, here are a few tips to get you going.

Written in perfect English Guest Post

Our readers are sophisticated marketers who expect in-depth, top-quality posts written by seasoned executives. So please only submit your very best and most insightful work written in perfect English.

People reading your article should think “This article was written specifically for me.”

They should also think “This post isn’t a ‘tips and tricks’ post that can be found on other blogs. Instead, it’s a post about the Technology.Business,Health and Travel that explains lessons learned when a test, an experiment, or research was conducted.”

A few final points

Our goal is to share articles with our readers that are so in-depth that the article is seen as a definitive analysis of that topic.When writing your article, don’t just think, “Who is going to read this?” Also think, “Who is going to link to this?” Articles that are all-encompassing and in-depth receive inbound links which is good for you (as the author) and for the (as the publisher).With all that in mind, we only accept guest posts that are 800 words or more. That provides you with enough room to take a deep dive into the topic and to provide our readers with something actionable and real.

Please note: We only accept original content. We do not accept content that has been published on other sites. No exceptions.

Keep in mind some ponits.

  • A headline that addresses the science of marketing
  • Your guest post (more than 800 words)
  • At least one graphic with data that supports your premise
  • A conversational writing style that speaks to intermediate to advanced marketers around the globe.

Where we’ll share your article.

Your guest post will be shared on the Dookyweb, a website that has hundreds of thousands of readers each year. We’ll also distribute it via LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and our e-newsletter.

Thanks again for stopping by. When you’re ready to submit a post for consideration, just email it to us and we’ll take it from there.