Technology That Would Change Your Perception About The Digital World

Technology That Would Change Your Perception About The Digital World

This the era of technology where everyone is drooling over the trends of digital marketing and its workings. Businesses have been after the search engine to get themselves some leads and conversions. There is much more to digital marketing than just SEO services in Karachi and PPC marketing, it’s beyond that. Most of you are not aware of the changing trends and evolution of technology. So, let’s shed some light onto what technology really has evolved into.

1.      Artificial Intelligence:

This involves using machines as information systems. These are the machines which work and act just how humans do. It’s an alternate to humans but doesn’t hinder any employment opportunities for humans. Businesses are using artificial intelligence to make things easier for people out there. All companies providing SEO services in Karachi are recommending artificial intelligence to growing businesses out there.

Artificial intelligence tends to overtake the tasks which are repetitive and boring for humans. It tends to comfort humans by doing what’s extra and requires a lot of effort.

Usually, it does replace humans. But on the same hand, it reduces the operational costs of business which helps them allocate more budget on marketing. Not just this but it has helped business in many production processes – due to it’s maintained the flow of work

2.      Voice Searches:

Voice searches are the next big thing in this world of technology, one of the biggest examples being the very famous Apple’s Siri. You just deliver instructions like ‘call mom’ and she does that for you. Hasn’t it made your life easier?

Well, similarly that’s how Alexa worlds it does everything for you, whether it be turning on some music, messaging someone or even ordering something online. Technology has evolved to the extent that it has made humans lazy. Because without the need to step-up, they can get all their work done just by passing out some simple instructions.

Voice search has been there on the internet since a very long time, but after some time nearly in 2013, the smartphones used this feature as a result of which it gained recognition. With time, Google has also optimized itself to recognize the keywords from the voice searches and suggest the appropriate website. Due to which marketers are also keen to optimize their websites in an effective manner.

3.      Mobile Optimization:

With technology progressing, smartphones have also progressed a lot more. You can search for anything you want, look at anything just through your mobile phones. It has eliminated the need to open the desktop and make searches.

This makes it extremely important that you optimize your website for mobile phones. All business out there are looking for this option. They are wanting to adopt it into their marketing strategy as soon as possible for competitive user experience. There are hardly any people who open up their laptops to make a search or buy something.

It could be very annoying for views if they need to zoom in and out continuously while surfing through your website. Therefore, the growing technology demands that websites should be optimized for mobile phones. Google is also offering higher rankings to the websites which have optimized themselves for mobile devices.

4.      Chatbots:

The main aim of businesses is to provide an overwhelming user experience. Every business is trying hard to impresses its customers. The competition is intense in the market and every business seeks for opportunities to set themselves apart.

The main reason to invest in chatbots in the impatient nature of people these days. Everyone wants instant replies, and no one likes to wait even for minutes. This is not possible with humans, only chatbots have made it possible. All those businesses who have invested in chatbots are likely to provide instant replies to their customers which helps then establish an overwhelming customer experience. Here are a few of many advantages which chatbots are likely to possess.

  • They tend to save your time, human effort.
  • These chatbots are cost-effective, once you invested in these – you don’t need to make any further payments, to continue the work.
  • Higher customer satisfaction because they work 24 hours a day without any breaks – means they’re serving customer all day.
  • Eliminate errors because machines can’t make any sorts of errors.
  • You can also add some humor to your chatbots to give it a real feel. With some amount of humor customers may think that they are actually getting entertained by a human.

5.      Online Quizzes:

You may think this is something people do it for fun, or to pass their time. But this is actually a new strategy of digital marketers to generate leads for their businesses. People might do it for fun, but in reality, they are becoming aware of a brand while generating traffic for them.

Many brands are using online quizzes which somehow relates to their business. For instance – a restaurant is creating a quiz about ‘6 foods that suit your personality’ any food lover would be filling out this quiz, while he would also be becoming aware of the existence of a particular brand. Therefore, you can look out for online quizzes while generating your next marketing strategy. This might not be some high-tech technology but definitely a new trend of 2019.


Some people are against the technology due to the idea that it has made humans incompetent and lazy. But on the same hand, they need to realize a million benefits being possessed due to the innovation of these technologies. It has stooped deforestation because people prefer reading through e-books rather than wasting papers. Technology has also given a chance to small businesses to promote their products – because traditional marketing wasn’t affordable for businesses on low budgets.

With a billion advantages come some drawbacks, it would be right to say that the advantages of technology have outweighed its negative impacts. If you’re not aware of the next trending things in the market. You should definitely give this article a read. It would help you understand everything, from artificial intelligence to the shift to chatbots.