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The 7 Must-Try Water sports in Goa

The dream holiday destination, Goa is a tropical paradise of golden sand beaches, cerulean waters, some of the most happening parties, and unlimited fun. The smallest state of India is big on surprises. It is beyond doubt, the most sought travel destination of the country.

Beach lovers from all around the world choose Goa Tour Packages for a memorable vacation. There are beaches, water sports, churches, spice plantations, nightlife, delicious gastronomy and so much more that everyone is charmed by Goa.

Water sports

Water lovers, adventure enthusiasts and people seeking fun are never at short here. Goa holidays are not complete without indulging in water sports. Dare to try some watersports in Goa and add on to the delightful memories. While there are a number of water adventure activities, take a look at the 7 must-try water sports in Goa.

Yachts & Cruises

Though not really a water sport, yachts and cruises is a must-try thing to do in Goa. It is the easiest of a lot of activities awaiting you. The beauty of the Arabian Sea, as well as the Mandovi River, can be truly enjoyed while you are cruising. This water activity will be a favorite memory of Goa honeymoon packages. Besides, even with family and friends, you can have a fun day on the high sea. Enjoy the magic of the water all around. With warm sunshine go sunbathing, fishing or swimming. Dinner on the high sea assures you a wonderful time as is the entertainment program of local music & dance performance.

Where to go: Mandovi River, Mayem Lake, Miramar Beach, Candolim Beach & Palolem Beach.

When to go: October to May


A fun-filled water sport, parasailing combines the magic of flying with the thrill of the sea. Parasailing in Goa is the most popular as well as the easiest and definitely the most enjoyable of water sports in Goa. Feel like a bird and enjoy the view while a speedboat tugs you along the water. While it is easy, a lifejacket is a must. An instructor or a companion can also accompany you while you try the adventure sport.

Where to go: Anjuna, Bogmalo, Calangute, Candolim, Colva, Dona Paula, Majorda, Vagator

When to go: October to March

Scuba Diving

Tree water lovers cannot deny the pleasure of scuba diving. The thrill of exploring the underwater world is beyond doubt amazing! Scuba diving in Goa introduces you to coral reefs and the colorful species that inhabit the sea. Quite an easy water sport, scuba diving requires only pre-diving lessons and gear. Adventure lovers in Goa must not miss out on scuba diving.

Where to go: Grande Islands, Netrani Islands, Devagh Island, St. George Island, Pigeon Island,

When to go: October to April


Similar to scuba diving, snorkeling to opens up the breath-taking underwater world. This activity requires submerging beneath the water and getting a look of the colorful fishes and other marine species. While snorkeling in Goa you can come across two wrecks of World War 2 in the form of sunken ships. The easiest of water sports in Goa, this is certainly one of the must-try of things to do in Goa.

Where to go: Suzy’s Wreck, Bat Island and Navy Island situated near Bogmalo, Grande Island

When to go: October to March

Banana Tube Boat Ride

Riding a giant banana with friends or family in Goa is without doubt fun. The easiest of water sports to try in Goa, this one is amazing to be tried in a Goa. Just hold on to the banana as it takes you on a ride on the water. T

Where to go: Anjuna, Agonda, Baga, Calangute, Candolim, Miramar, Palolem, Vagator

When to go: October to March

  • Speed Boating

Experience exhilaration of high speed and the splash of water with speed boating in Goa. Relatively easy and yet fun-filled, this water sport activity is good to indulge with your friends & family. You must add this thrilling experience whenever you book Goa holiday packages.

Where to go: Malim Village, Umta Waddo, Britona Yacht Station

When to go: October to May

  • Jet Skiing

One of the most enjoyable water sports in Goa, jet skiing is a must-try. The thrill of gliding on the sea is wonderful. Enjoy the warm sunshine, splash of water and the speed. With no special skills required this activity can be indulged by anyone on a holiday in Goa. Couples on a Goa honeymoon especially enjoy the activity.

Where to go: Baga, Colva, Calangute, Candolim, Mobor, Miramar, Rajbaga beaches

When to go: October to March