The Advantages of An Electric Weed Eater

The Advantages of An Electric Weed Eater

Lawn Mowers will help you keep your grass tidy. However, it is your weed eater that will tackle all the uncut areas of your lawn like your lawn furniture, fence posts, and edges, while trimming the weeds around them. Though there are different kinds of weed eaters, we’ll be studying the advantages that the electric version of this garden tool offers to users in this post.

Types of Electric Weed Wackers

Electric weed trimmers come in two types: corded and cordless models. Generally, the corded version needs an electric cable and a power source to work. The cordless model, on the other hand, requires a charged battery to function.

Things You Can Do with an Electric Weed Trimmer?

Cutting unruly grass is only one of the many jobs a weed eater can perform. Here are some other things that the machine can do:

  • It can be used as a leaf mulcher. All you need do is hold the eater’s head to be flat on a heap of leaves.
  • They come in handy when you need to chop thorny vines into tiny pieces
  • You can trim small shrubs and bushes quickly using this tool
  • Turn the trimmer 90 degrees, and you’ll have a lawn edger in your hands.

Advantages of Electric Weed Eaters

  1. Low Weight

Compared to a gas mower, an electric weed trimmer weighs much lesser. Imagine handling a machine that weighs at least 15 pounds for hours and compare this to using another machine that weighs only 10 pounds for the same number of hours. The difference is easy to detect. Because of this lightweight quality of theirs, electric weed eaters can easily be moved around or managed.

  • Easy to Start and Operate

Remember how you used to warm up your gas weed eater, mix fuel with oil, and exert so much effort pulling chords to get the machine started? Well, all those things are not necessary when using an electric weed Wacker. To get your battery or corded weed eater started, simply press the on button on the machine, and you’re good to go!

  • Low Noise Levels

The extremely powerful nature of gas weed trimmers causes them to make so much noise. When using electric ones, however, there’s almost no need to have your ears protected at all. Though they’re not entirely noiseless, you can still use your electric trimmer anytime you like because there’s a lesser probability that it’ll disturb your neighbors

  • Environment-Friendly

Another impressive quality of weed eaters is their eco-friendly nature. In this respect, the electric wackers put gas-powered trimmers to shame. While gas weed eater will emit fumes and make loud noises, electric eaters release no harmful substance and are less noisy.

  • Requires Little Maintenance 

One of the perks of using an electric weed trimmer is that you don’t need to spend a huge amount of money or time maintaining the machine. Many times, all the maintenance you’ll need to do is to retract the electric wire or recharge the battery. On the other hand, gas weed eaters are a hassle to maintain.

  • No Need to Mix Oil and Gas

One thing associated with gas-powered engines is the need to always mix gas and oil before using the machine. Now, apart from the fact that this task is quite herculean, one can mix the solution in the wrong proportions, thus rendering the gas mixture useless. Meanwhile, all these worries are nonexistent for those who use electric weed eaters for their lawn

  • You Get to Choose Between Corded and Cordless Models

Some people do not really like the idea of using a machine that requires an electric wire. The cord can constitute a nuisance and make the work slower. However, people like this can always opt for the cordless version and prevent embarrassing themselves by tripping on the wire.

  • They Offer Decent Power

Though electric weed trimmers cannot offer as much power as their gas-powered brothers, they do perform quite impressively on lawns. Especially with the advancement of technology and the adoption of the lithium-ion batteries, these machines now last longer after full recharge and can also cut thick grass. Yet, they’re even less weighty than they used to be

  • Other Garden Tools Can use The Battery of a Weed Eater

Some yard tools like chainsaw, blower, and others can share your electric weed eater’s battery. In fact, some lawnmowers can even use the battery too. No doubt, this universality makes the equipment more valuable.

Conclusion Electric weed eaters do have their shortcomings. But the truth remains that they’re an effective garden care instrument. Despite this, don’t forget that your preference comes first.