The Best Annual Maintenance Contract For Your AC

With the weather taking extreme turns, the summer heats are reaching an unacceptable level. There is nothing much We can do about it but can provide relief from it by installing a good quality air conditioner at our place. Now, this means extra bills, maintenance charges, and so much more. Well, the situation can be a little different if you go for proper AC maintenance. Yes, by properly maintaining our air conditioner, we can not only provide it with much better performance efficiency but also keep huge power bills at bay.

Just like any other machine, these air conditioners require proper maintenance and support. They are one most complicated piece of machinery with so many tools, and an issue with any of them can cause a sudden breakdown. Also, AC is one of that equipment which in summers is put to constant use, and they also consume a lot of power, which makes them even more prone to risks like break down. So, in that case, we must maintain our AC properly.

This is not just for the sake of the machine but for us. Imagine during the extreme heat weather; your AC breaks down suddenly. It will be real trouble for you or your office staff. So, to prevent such situations from coming up what you can do is maintain the product properly, so you do not meet sudden break downs. So, this is what makes air conditioner maintenance much more important than we think it is.

The air conditioner has been developed that way, so it withstands all the continuous use and massive power consumption and keeps providing you with relief. Yes, these air conditioners are a sturdy, strong, and robust piece of machinery. They have been engineered in a way so as they can run for long hours in a continuous stretch without causing much harm to the parts. However, being machinery, they are entitled to an equal amount of care and maintenance. So if you want them to keep running smooth, function properly, prevent break downs, increase their efficiency, and improve their performance, then you have to maintain the ac regularly.

There are not just benefits of maintaining the AC properly, but if you do not do, so there are some very serious negative consequences too. For instance

·         If you do not maintain the AC properly, it will keep on losing its operational efficiency by 5% year by every year.

·         If you do not maintain the AC properly, it will keep on consuming more and more power and therefore increasing your electricity bills.

·         If you do not maintain the AC properly, then it will face sudden breakdowns which will turn out to be more expensive and costly then a regular service check-up.

So, rather than waiting for a serious problem to come and knock at your door, what you should do instead is maintain the product properly and keep it away from technical issues in the first place.

So, there is no such fixed time for air conditioner maintenance, but you should get it regularly checked. So, usually during peak season lie in summers, you should get your air conditioner cleaned, maintained, and serviced once every month and along with that should also clean the filters and duct at home.

You should make sure your system is running smoothly, at its maximum capacity and its minimum energy consumption, when the peak season is approaching. So, to prepare the AC before the peak season time, you should get it checked and make sure everything is working at its best.

In case, you notice any unusual noise, performance issues, power consumption issues with your AC you should get it checked right away. Like, if the AC is not doing the cooling properly or is taking a long time in that, or if you see the electricity bills are increasing. In that case, get the ac checked right away and call a technician at home and get it serviced.

So, there are various AMC for AC, which can help you with all of this without you making much effort.

The air conditioner Annual Maintenances Contract will include regular repair, maintenance, and services. An AC AMC means one year of promised and assured services without any extra charges. In this one year, the AC will get a regular check-up and servicing four times, once during every season and in between if you are faced with any more trouble, you will be entitled to free servicing. Except if new parts or tools are being used, then there would be some additional cost for them. Otherwise, the repair services will be provided free of cost, and you will have to pay nothing for that.

So, The Entitlements Under An Amc For AC Are

· Four routine servicesImmediate response in case of any breakdown

· Free repair and service in case of any breakdown.

But there could be certain Extra Charges too as under AMC for AC you do not get any No for Air-condition’s Electric Part, Gas Charging, Compressor, plastic Part & Aluminium coil. So, in case there is a trouble with any of them you will be charged for the servicing.

Otherwise, The Basic Services That Come In An Air Conditioner Annual Maintenance Contract Are

· Regular Performance check
· Gas Pressure check
· Oiling the fan motors
·  Check the belts are all tight and well adjusted
· Check for any trace of debris on the air handler blower fan which will probably block the fan
· Reinstalling of indoor cooler units
· Check the refrigerant level
· Check the Outer unit for any finding of debris and bird droppings and clean that.
· Checking of the Pressure On The Gauges
· Clean the condensing unit coils and the evaporator coils
· Check the thermostats and sensors
· Tighten all electrical terminals

Regular Servicing Of Your Air Conditioner Through An Air Conditioner Maintenance Contract Will Give You Many Benefits

  1. It will increase the life span of your AC, and you will have it for more number of years
  2. It will add the efficiency of its performance, and it will provide better cooling after servicing
  3. It will keep heavy power bills at a bay
  4. It will provide you comfort and keep you away from inconvenience like sudden break downs.