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With high-mountains and breathtaking nature Armenia will never disappoint you. Located in the South Caucasus it offers a variety of choices for tourists and curious visitors from all over the world. Armenia is becoming an increasingly popular tourist destination in the world, with a small but charming nation boasting a rich history. Wondering where to go? Here is a shortlist of famous places to visit in Armenia.

The temple of Garni

The temple of Garni is not only a significant pagan temple in Armenia but also the only Greco-Roman colonnaded building in the area of former the Soviet Union, which is still standing. The Temple of Garni is situated in a very strategic location, on a cliff, overlooking a range of the Geghama mountains as well as the Azat River near the Ararat Plain. It is located 30 km from Yerevan. It is unique not only for its architectural value but also for the fact, that it was not destructed after the adoption of Christianity as all other pagan temples in Armenia were. Garni was designed according to the sacred geometry of the day: It perfectly follows the Pythagorean and Platonic theories of sacred geometry in its design, design for civilization carved from the wilderness. It is, probably, the most popular spot among tourists and, definitely, one of the must-visit places in Armenia. Interesting fact, indeed- in 2019, one of the music events within the Urvakan festival, was held in Garni filling the area of the old temple with the energy and atmosphere of contemporary music.

Geghard Monastery

Geghard Monastery is a popular day trip from Yerevan. Usually, a visit to Garni is accompanied by a visit to Geghard Monastery, too. Founded in the 4th century and protected by UNESCO as a World Heritage site, it is believed to be a sacred place. The name, which can be translated as “the Monastery of the Spear” is related to the saying that the spear which wounded Jesus Christ is located there, among other relics.  Being not only one of the most important works of Armenian Medieval architecture, the monastery includes tombs and churches, some of which are partially cut straightly into the mountain.

Sevan Lake

Sevan is a must-visit destination when exploring and touring around Armenia. Lake Sevan is one of the most famous attractions and a very popular destination for Armenians and for tourists. When visiting Armenia in summer, everyone does their best to swim in the lake of Sevan and eat freshly-caught fish while sitting near the shore enjoying the view of blue mountains on the horizon. Aside from numerous cottages or hotels, where you can stay for days, you can also visit affordable rest areas and spend a day there without a nightstand. Approximately 60 km distance from Yerevan, you can reach there in an hour by car. With its picturesque view, Sevan won the hearts of many. There is also the Sevanavank monastery, and the church was built in the 9th century. Make sure to mark it among your list of places to visit in Armenia.


In case you have more time to explore Armenia, continue driving from Sevan straight to Dilijan– the beautiful old town located in the middle of the forest. Dilijan has located about 100 km from Yerevan, is a lovely place for Armenians and tourists. This small town is surrounded by lush vegetation and alpine forest and is a great place to kick back for a day or two. With UWC Dilijan college– an international boarding school in the city, it is gaining more and more popularity among young people. Located in the greenest region of Armenia- Tavush, Dilijan, especially picturesque in autumn, is one of the most famous places in Armenia.

Adventure Lovers

In the same region of Tavush- near its capital Ijevan is located Yenokavan- a true heaven for adventure lovers. From 5 different zip lines up to rock climbing and paragliding, opportunities Yell extreme park will not leave you disappointed. You can also do horseback riding, as well as rope climbing in the park, which is among the list of the most popular tourist attractions in Armenia. Once there, you can also have a rest atApaga resort or do hiking toaster- a beautiful place with breathtaking views accompanying you on your way there.

Wherever you choose to go, make sure to travel there with comfort. With all these places located in the same direction, you can easily drive from one place to another with a car. Rent a car in Armenia and explore Armenia to the full.