The Best Logo Design Trends For 2019

A logo is a very important part of a company as it has a significant impact on how the company is perceived by the general public. A logo is meant to effectively convey a brand’s image and message. Businesses engage in top graphic design services to create what is basically the face of their company.

Everything changes with time and logo designs are no different. Trends in logo design have constantly changed over the years. Designs that were fad yesterday have become passé today and designs that are the trend today might become obsolete tomorrow.

It is always prudent to keep up with the current market trends while designing a logo as illustrated by some companies specializing in logo design in Vancouver, who have produced some great logos in the current year. Some of the topmost logo design trends for 2019 have been discussed below.

Responsive Design

With the increased use of digital technology, the need for responsive or flexible logo design has grown manifold. The fact that modern companies need to put their logos in different places, it is advantageous to have responsive logos. Responsive logos are those that adapt to different screen sizes (mobiles, desktops, tablets, etc.) They are shapeshifting logos which, depending on where they are placed, change their size, complexity, and even color. It takes the various elements of the main logo and adapts them to fit different sizes.


Gradients have been in vogue for much of 2018 and are predicted to be a massive trend in 2019 as well. Gradients make the most simple of logos into interesting ones with its smooth transition of colors to create lasting visual effects.  With the use of bright colors, gradients are often used to make bold statements.

Geometrical Design

Geometrical designs have always been popular with designers and never seem to go out of fashion. It will continue to be a top design trend in 2019. Different geometric shapes convey different meanings. Simple design or even text can be enhanced with the use of geometrical shapes.  They can be incorporated into a minimalist format to give a modern and sleek look to the logo. These geometric shapes can be bold or simple but are effective in communicating what the organization is all about.

Hand drawn logos

Hand drawn logos have always been a top design trend. They are expected to be in great demand in 2019 also. Hand drawn design generally means detailed artwork that complements hand-drawn typography. It gives the designers a lot of creative space to bring out the company’s originality and make them stand out from the competition

Typography Logos

Typography logos may seem to be the most simple and least creative design. But they are not. Typography, if wisely used, can bring the desired business and art. The most common typography logo design is the one that contains both, the company name and an icon. While designing a typography logo, choice of colors is also very important as they have their own subtext which can add subtlety to the message.

Neon colors

Bright colors in logos have been one of the top design trends over the last few years and there is no reason why it should not remain that way in the year 2019 as well. Neon logos, whether it is designed primarily for print and digital media or adapted for a 3D neon sign, are a very effective way to make a lasting statement.

Historical Design

Historical designs with emblems and shields have always found approval within some industry types. Vintage and retro logos, which were quite popular last year, are likely to find favor this year as well. More and more logos are drawing inspiration from medieval times. Educational institutions, government agencies, sports organizations, etc. should capitalize on this trend this year.

Negative Space

Creating an image by utilizing the background of another image is what negative image logo design all about. It is an ingenious way to convey a multitude of thoughts and vision. Negative space logo designing uses creativity to explore simplicity and is therefore simple yet complex at the same time. Negative space logos have been around for a long time and the trend looks strong for the year 2019 as well.

Minimalist Illustration

Minimalism looks good to hold center stage in 2019. As logos are used on a variety of platforms and interfaces, minimalist text logos become appealing. Text-based logos with minimal typography and a bit of supporting graphics, allow companies a great deal of flexibility as they look good in both small and big sizes and their simplistic design goes well with all kinds of marketing materials.

To sum up,

2019 could be an interesting year in terms of logo design trends. We should see many bright and colorful logos, minimalist and simple logos that impress with elegant styles, logos with gradients and geometric designs.

There are some graphic design companies in Vancouver, who have employed these design trends to deliver some outstanding logos this year for their clients across the globe.

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