The Body of Your Company: 5 Tips to Help Employees Stay Physically Healthy

The Body of Your Company: 5 Tips to Help Employees Stay Physically Healthy

Physically Healthy

Employees need companies to work in, and companies require employees to work for and with them. It’s not a one-sided necessity, so everything must be fair and square.

Unfortunately, some companies think that their employees can do nothing without them, when, in fact, they should realize that without those laborers, no productivity and product come out from their business. That kind of mindset is very undesirable because it overlooks a lot of essential aspects to the benefit of those people working hard for them.

If you are a company boss handling employees, you should always be concerned with the welfare and well-being of them. Every kind of work has stresses that come with it, and employees’ physical health is very much affected. When the physical body is not in good condition, everything else is impacted. Especially when it comes to office work where employees are mostly in hurrying pressure or are sitting down all day, physical health becomes a big issue to take a look at.

For you to be able to help your employees maintain a healthy physical body, these five tips should be on your to-do list. Physical health has many angles, too, so check out below these things you can do to address the physical health needs of your employees!


An employee is inevitably given tasks. That is what he/she is supposed to do. Undeniably, there are busy days, but there are more active days when one assignment arrives even before you finish the current task handed to you. These occurrences do give a lot of pressure and stress, and sometimes, when everything’s too much to handle, the body gets fatigued. This is possible when the job is mentally draining and even more when it is combined with physically straining demands!

The tendency with this is that the body breaks down into exhaustion, becomes unable to function properly, and gets sick. Consider the long hours spent in traffic and tiring commuting as well.

Have a one-on-one talk with your employees to know whether the workload assigned to them is manageable and feasible by the due dates. You must be concerned about the employees’ workload, even if you believe they can accomplish everything. If they are having difficulties, help make a solution or a way to make things more bearable.

Sometimes, your expectations as a boss might be very high while not realizing how hard the work you’ve given them is. They might not have the courage to admit that their workload is too much to handle together with the deadlines, but they cannot honestly tell you. That’s why without anyone accepting it, try to do it yourself, so you can help them give you positive results too. Be realistic with the workload you give because your employees have individual limitations like you do.


The workplace is like a second home to your employees. Especially when it’s office work, your employees spend most of their time inside that enclosed space where brains, hands, and feet work to give your company the outcomes you’re aiming for. It is so valuable that the workplace is well-maintained.

You must pay attention to office cleaning since it is where your people stay in. That means they (and you, when you’re present in the office) share the same atmosphere every day. They breathe the same air, receive the same light, and walk on the same floor each day. Like a real family, your employees are housed in one room or building. Thus, all surrounding factors are shared among everybody. Infectious illnesses such as cough and colds have their way. One sick person can easily affect the co-employees in the cubicles nearby or the whole office, and that’s when passing starts.

Tons of advantages come from hiring office cleaning services for your company. One of them is the proper elimination of factors that might lead to inconvenience and diseases. Some of those factors might include nasty trash areas, dusty and dirty employee cubicles, unsanitary washrooms, and more! Office cleaning will help you keep the workplace safe, healthy, and hygienic for everybody. Your employees will be fit to be in a place that is pleasant to see, smell, and experience.


You might think that your business’ industry is about sales, advertising, graphic designing, or electronics and say that your employees do not need to be physically healthy to perform their jobs, but you’re wrong in that part! Everybody needs physical exercise and fitness. Still, this kind of thinking destroys the opportunity for office employees and “don’t-need-fitness” kinds of jobs to be healthy not only as workers but significantly, as humans.

Give your employees a chance to maintain a good shape still and figure with a healthy heart and body in general. Walking short to the office does a little, and it gets blocked when you eat a lot when you arrive, so why not take a level higher?

Company fitness programs hosted or organized by the management is a big boon to employees! These must be scheduled based on what will be convenient for everybody’s time and work time. Having these is a great way for everyone to catch up with their fitness schedules while still managing their work right.

These kinds of company health events are useful too in such a way that camaraderie and bonding are developed, nourished, and enhanced.


Some bosses do not quickly approve leave credit requests sent by their employees. This is most likely with vacation leave credits. That act is, however, insensitive, especially when the employees are asking for a much-needed break after a straining work they accomplished. You should not show any rudeness, especially if you know that your employees deserve the rest they are asking for.

Bear in mind that every human being gets tired and needs some unwinding after a burdensome task. It’s a reward too. When you know that the employee is not at all making efforts to give you the good upshots you’re asking for regarding the work you’ve assigned him/her, that’s the time to be stern. If the employees work hard, and you know it, be considerate enough. You must know when to and when not to be strict when it comes to leaving credit approvals.


Talking about the office again, make sure that all facilities used by the employees are in good working condition and are suitable for their needs. Even if you provide high-quality materials, bought them abroad, and paid for them at a costly rate, if they are not appropriate for the employees’ physical health demands, they can be ineffective.

That’s why when buying facilities for your office or having them custom-made, make sure your employees will benefit from them. Proper facilities aid in making your employees healthy too. Some of them include a good and clean water dispenser, adjustable chairs, fitting lighting, easy-to-operate air condition units, and well-geared desktop computers. Again, office facilities influence your employees’ physical health.

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It’s fine to work, work and work, especially if your job is your primary source of income to provide needs and live well, but if physical health suffers, you think twice! This is not just for business owners like you, but also for the employees, and it exempts nobody.

Being sensitive about the employees’ needs, especially when it comes to health, is vital. You must also be open and receptive to their honesty when they tell you that they are physically unwell. Yes, you can do these with the thought that these people must immediately get well so that they can work for you properly, however, significantly, these acts will let you help your employees have not only a healthy work-life but a healthy life in general.

At the same time, when employees see and feel that you genuinely are attentive to their health needs, they will appreciate you more. They will be even more motivated to do their best and get well very soon when they are sick because they acknowledge your understanding and thoughtfulness to them, not looking at them as robots but as humans.


Nicole Ann Pore is a writer, an events host, and a voice-over artist. Travel, health, shopping, lifestyle, and business are among the many subjects she writes about. She also writes for Magic Cleaning Sydney, a cleaning and maintenance service in Australia. She graduated Cum Laude from De La Salle University-Manila, the Philippines with a Bachelor’s Degree in Communication Arts.