The Step By Step Procedure To Choose The Right Kind Of Mattress

The Step By Step Procedure To Choose The Right Kind Of Mattress

Right Kind Of Mattress

The variety of mattresses available nowadays leaves the customers in a dilemma to choose the perfect one. It’s high time to understand certain factors before buying the best. Check if it is time to replace your old mattress. You need to know the criteria to be followed while choosing a mattress, your budget, size, performance, available mattress brands, and the material. Also, keep a close watch on the warranty, trial and return policy, shipping and delivery charges, etc. that will help you wisely decide the right kind of mattress for you. Let us understand one by one that can ease the shopping process.

When to replace your mattress?

You shall decide to buy a new mattress for various reasons. The mattress shows the signs of disturbed sleep ie, if you toss and turn every night or if you wake up every morning with body pain and aches, it is time to replace your mattress. You can find a considerable amount of sagging and dent or depression. If you have been using the mattress for more than seven years, then it is better to upgrade your mattress. As a thumb rule for replacing the mattress, one should change the mattress after every seven years irrespective of its usage and warranty period.

How to choose a new mattress?

The individual choice for a mattress is subjective, and no one size can fit all. Matter selection is mainly dependent on your sleeping position and the types of mattresses available in the market. Support requirements will vary with your sleeping pattern. Generally, back and stomach sleepers choose a firmer mattress, whereas side sleepers prefer a soft mattress for support. The bodyweight of the individual is as important as sleeping patterns. The firm memory foam mattress is recommended for those who are on the higher side of the weight and sleep on their hands to provide adequate support that can reduce issues with pressure points. For lighter bodyweight individuals, soft mattresses will give enough support. 

The material used in the manufacture of mattress

There are several materials available in the market with which the mattresses are formed. The most commonly used ones are latex, foam, and hybrid. They all vary in the construction, the type of foams used, the density of foam used, and indentation load deflection (ILD). Among these memory foam mattresses are the most popular and widely sought-after choice of the majority.

Brands and budget of the mattress

Brand choice is purely based on an individual. To decide on which brand to choose, the customer reviews on their website can help. The budget varies according to each brand. Some are very expensive, and some are economical. Most of the brands often run promotions and sales. Hence one can do well-advanced research before deciding on the brand. 

Size, thickness, and firmness of the mattress

Standard sizes available in mattresses are twin size mattress, full or double size mattress, queen size mattress, and king size mattress size. Mattress experts like Wakefit offer custom-sized mattresses according to the customer’s requirements. Most of the mattresses have at least 10 inches thickness. It can vary from less than 5 inches to more than 15 inches. The width of the mattress is subjective, depending on body weight. Firmness preference of the mattress is also dependent on the body weight and sleeping pattern. Usually, more massive people tend to prefer firmer mattresses to prevent extreme sinkage compared to lighter people. The latter prefer a soft mattress, especially if they sleep on their sides. The most suitable choice is to buy a dual-firmness mattress that can be used on either side with a different firmness. 

Warranty, trial, and return policy

When you consider the warranty of the mattress, it can vary from a couple of years to a lifetime. You should clearly understand what all is covered under warranty, what is the repair and replacement cost included, etc. Sleep trials offered by different brands vary from 30 to 365 nights and return the mattress for a full refund if dissatisfied. Some brands also offer an exchange of the product. Also, it is better to check the return policy if it is free of cost.

Shipping and delivery charges

Most of the brands offer free shipping to your doorstep. Some offer home assembly and disposal of your old mattress for free. The brands also bear the delivery charges, and the wait time depends on how remote your location is. The usual delivery time for the product is 3-7 business days. 

To conclude our shopping demands, we have discussed all the step by step points to be kept in mind while shopping for your new mattress. Bearing this in mind, you may make your shopping experience the most enjoyable one from the most popular mattress brandsPurchasing a mattress is a lifetime investment. Hence do not blindly choose one. Remember to make the right choice.