The Symptoms of Flea Bites and How to Treat Them

Fleas are known as parasites that feed on host blood. They are wingless but able to travel from host to host by jumping and clinging on the host body. Despite their tiny size, fleas can jump remarkably far. Cats, dogs or furry animals are common targets of fleas. We humans are not their favorite host, but they can disturb our well-being by leaving us bites which are insanely itchy. For those with allergic skin, flea bites can even cause serious infection. The thing is flea bites are very likely to be confused with mosquito or bug bites. Therefore, we need to identify flea bite symptoms precisely so as to apply appropriate treatment.

Flea bite symptoms

When it comes to flea bite symptoms, the very first thing you may experience is itchiness which is very much like that caused by mosquito bites. A red halo spot will appear and pain may be felt around the bitten skin.   You will find those bites in the pattern, usually, a straight line and lower parts of the body, such as ankle, feet or legs are most likely to be attacked. However, if you hug or play with pets that are infested with fleas, your arms, armpits or elbow can also be bitten. It is said that flea bites will naturally disappear without treatment, but in fact, it will take time and if you can hardly refrain from scratching, things may get worse. Thus, finding ways to relieve yourself from the discomfort of flea bites is essential. You will see useful tips on how to treat flea bites in the following paragraphs.

How to treat flea bites

Flea bite treatments boil down to getting rid of the irritation caused by itchiness and fastening the healing process to the bites. There could be a variety of chemical products that target at curing insect bites. However, natural effective treatments are more preferable.

First, you can try to treat flea bites with baking soda – a substance with anti-inflammatory properties. A remedy could be created out of baking soda mixed with water. This paste is then placed on the infected skin to soothe the itchiness. Leave it for 15 minutes to take effect. You’ve got to apply this two to three times per day to see the ultimate healing result. In case you have scratched the bites, baking soda is effective in preventing infection. However, it is advisable not to try to relieve the itchiness by scratching.

Flea bite symptoms

Another option for treating flea bites is aloe vera – a natural beauty agent. Aloe vera is quite popular in the beauty industry for the effect of the moisturizing skin. The fresh aloe vera with sticky gel is one of the wonderful remedies to cure flea bites. Simply apply it to the bites and you will see the inflamed skin quickly soothed. Itchiness will be reduced and the bites will get healed after two or three days of application.

Next, you may try to apply honey if accidentally bitten by fleas. Antibacterial and antioxidant properties in honey can help to prevent skin infection. The irritation will be removed as soon as honey is dubbed on the skin. Honey is an amazing product with multiple health benefits such as alleviating allergies, boosting memory, supplying all natural energy, aiding sleep and treating a wound or burn. Therefore, it is best to have honey in your kitchen and use it as a regular food.

treat flea bites

What’s more, apple cider vinegar could be a cure for flea bites. The mechanism is utilizing the acidity in vinegar to balance the pH level of the infected skin and as a result, reduce the itchiness. Try to dilute the apple cider vinegar with water before applying it on the bites. Alternatively, you can cut a lemon in half and squeeze some drops for the treatment. Lemon is the same as effective as apple cider vinegar.

Should you need more remedies to treat flea bites, ice pack could be a choice. The cold of the ice can somehow restrain the irritation. Have a cloth or bag packed with ice and place it on the flea bites. Don’t directly put the ice on your skin.

Last but not least, you may treat flea bites with used tea bags. After having a tea drink, tea bags can easily be disposed of, but if you learn various uses of tea bags, you can take advantage of them before dumping them into the wastebasket. Cleaning, feeding gardens, preventing pests, neutralizing household odor and soothing irritated skin are among amazing benefits of tea bags. In case you have a flea bite, put the tea bag on it and very soon discomfort will be removed.

You now must have a grasp of plenty remedies to flea bites. Therefore, if you or your family is troubled by the insects, get rid of the irritation by one of those cures. However, effective flea treatments are the key to eliminate fleas. What you need to do is ensure a tidy and healthy living environment. Regularly vacuum your house, wash up carpets or rugs, and treat fleas on your pets.   By doing this, you can safeguard your well-being from flea attack.