The Tech Empowered Nurses Of Tomorrow

The Tech Empowered Nurses Of Tomorrow

Being a nurse can be stressful but the nature of the job is promising since very few are blessed with a healing hand that touches people’s lives. Nurse along with medical professionals requires paying attention, being empathetic and caring which is irreplaceable by technology. Innovations, however, can at least relieve nurses from the burdensome and repetitive tasks. Have a look at tech-empowered nurses of the future.

Robotics to the rescue

Carrying of medical devices from point A to B, disinfecting, medical management, assisting bedridden patients, greeting patients and caretakers at the hospital and navigating people are a few tasks already being handled by medical robot counterparts. Some of the robots are sturdier enough to cater in-hospital transportation of essential drugs, medical devices and equipment, laboratory specimen and critical supplies in a convenient manner. These are capable to haul multiple racks, carts, and bins all day long thus allowing nurses to spend more time with the patients rather than running all around the facility. Then there’re robots that can carefully lift and move patients on the wheelchair, make them stand and help them to turn when in the bed to prevent sores. Others are built to accompany patients and relieve them from feeling lonely while help is treating certain psychological disorders. Pediatric care isn’t left behind as robots in this particular branch of healthcare are designed to cuddle and relax babies with extreme care.

Telemedicine touches the isolated regions

The practice of counseling patients on the phone or through smart devices is now common and referred to as telehealth. It’s one of the most effective tools for treatment of minor illnesses and capable to reach patients in remote or disaster-struck areas that are physically detached from quality healthcare. That said, nursing care via telehealth is now possible in both emergency and non-critical situations. In fact, nurses from all over the world can play a crucial role in establishing viable telehealth services based on the diverse nature of their healthcare tasks. Telehealth nurses are able to monitor the oxygen level of the patients, heart rate, blood pressure and glucose, respiration and more.

Digital or telenurses can even guide patients in dressing a wound, treat minor burns and cuts, perform CPR so on.

empowered nurses

Taking blood sample with technology

Drawing blood is often a pain point for both patients and nurses. People have a natural fear or phobia of needles whereas the process itself at times can be excruciating depending on the thickness of the needle and the point of blood extraction. Innovative robots now can scan for veins and even draw blood with utmost accuracy in a painless way. On the contrary, hand-held vein scanners are powered by AR catering to easier lives of both patients and nurses. The technology is commonly used and able to scan blood vessels more or less 4-times faster than a normal human eye. Then there’re cheaper 3D printable counterparts that have been introduced in the market to assist both doctors and nurses alike.

3D printing simplify complex medical codes

The coming of 3D printing technology revolutionized the healthcare industry from its core enabling the production of human organ models, prosthetic parts, finger splints, biomaterials and even foods. Several of these innovations can tap and empower nurses’ jobs for the better. Take for instance nurses responsible to explain various explain medical procedures and complex aftercare to the patients would find the 3D printing technology extremely valuable. A precise model of the human body organs and limbs are vital tools to enhance communications between the patients and caregivers actively engaged in this particular nature of the job. Cutting plasters in fun and exciting shapes using laser cutters put patients at ease against the pessimistic perception of surgical tapes.

Portable diagnosis empowers patient care

User-friendly, portable and pocket-sized diagnostic devices further add to the convenience of allowing quick nursing and care for the patients. Measuring vital signs and health parameters has been reduced to minutes thus overpowering the massive ultrasound equipment and traditional ECG/laboratory testing.


Online medical help like finding doctors is a real blessing for patients, doctors and nurses alike; empowering the overall healthcare industry.