The Top 6 Blunders While Treating Bed Bugs

The attack of bed bugs is one of the most common problems of every household. These little creatures come unnoticed in the house and start infesting the wooden furniture. Do not let their name confuse you, and understand that they equally damage all wooden furnishings. Most people ignore bed bugs thinking that there’s not any substantial damage these might render; however, the truth is entirely different.

Treating Bed Bugs

They are, however, easily identifiable on beds as they can bite you in sleep. Upon registering their presence, you can take various steps to control the spread. But it is always recommended to seek professional help. Here are the top 6 mistakes which one can commonly make while getting rid of bed bugs.

Spraying more pesticides will affect more

It is vital to remember that spraying more pesticides will never be highly effective in the long run. These bed bugs are tiny and agile and can move quickly between two places. If you are targeting the pesticide at a specific point, the chances are that it will not influence any bed bugs.

You will only ruin the polishing of your furniture with excessive exposure to chemicals. Exercise caution also needs to be read before using any pesticides, as some are only meant for outdoor use. More so, you can viably get your hands on rather inexpensive methods when it comes to getting rid of these stubborn creatures.

Shifting immediately to another room/bed if you get bitten

The first instinct of every individual will be to move and sleep in a more comfortable place when you are facing bed bugs for the first time. Remember not to get up from sleep and shift your location, as the chances are that these insects have stuck to your clothes.

You will now be giving a free ride to these notorious bugs and contribute in their spread like an epidemic. Try to deal with the bugs at a personal level for one night and immediately contact the professional pest control companies the next day.

Leaving the vacuum bag without adequately tying it

If you are fortunate enough to not have a vast host of bed bugs in your house, vacuum cleaners can come to your rescue. They can be instrumental in sucking up the bed bugs and the mess of fabrics they may have made. However, the best aspect of this procedure is that you don’t get to make a significant investment as homeowners already have a full-fledged vacuum cleaner in place.

But if you do not tie up your bag correctly and throw it away, the insects might make their way back to your place. In another case, they can go and infest your neighboring houses. To stop this from spreading, you should either kill the bugs with alcohol or dump the vacuum bag in the garbage bin with a secure seal.

Not maintaining proper hygiene while keeping clothes and fabrics

Bed bugs can originate because of any reason whatsoever, but the leading cause of their spread is the unhygienic environment. If you have been haphazardly keeping clothes, stuffed in the wardrobe or laundry bag, bed bugs will immediately attack them.

They catch onto the threads of fabrics and wood and lay eggs for further expansion. You can prevent this spread by merely cleaning up the mess and with regular vacuuming. In case the bed bugs continue to appear, contact the pest control services.

Staying back at home when the pest control is happening

Most people tend to be wary of leaving their house to the pest control team, and so, they prefer staying back. This is a dangerous step, as the bug control products might be lethal for your health. The problem can increase manifolds if you have an infant or a toddler at home.

You should contact only the reliable pest control services and leave them to work, to avoid coming in direct contact with the chemicals. Else, you can follow the precautions given by the team precariously and cover your body, as per the requirement.

Feeling that you can handle it on your own

While some people have a less traumatic experience with bed bugs, most have to struggle with ousting the bugs away. In the case of minimal infestation, a multitude of handy techniques can work temporarily. You must exercise ample research when it comes to narrowing down to effective methods that can actively keep bed bugs at bay.

For permanent eradication, you will have to stop thinking that you can handle the situation on your own. It is always the best option to take professional help and leave it to the experienced authorities. Nonetheless, most people resort to methods like applying a mosquito repellent cream before sleeping and trying to kill bed bugs with alcohol.