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Things to Consider When Buying the New Car Speakers

Car speakers – One of the means of your our entertainment – have nowadays got tons of varieties to choose from. So if you’re buying the new set of speakers for you and amplify your ride with some music, you must consider a few important things.

Car speaker is something that you can’t settle for anything less than the best. Earlier in the 1930s, the cars used to have only one speaker mounted into the dashboard. After the 1970s, the technology evolved and amplifiers & multiple hi-tech speakers came in.

Inevitably, the new set of speakers puts back the life back into your car’s stereo system. They usually come in different sizes, types, and shapes etc. So before making this investment, make sure you do some research. Perhaps that’s the reason why experts suggest you keep some important things in mind when buying the perfect speakers for your car. So let’s dive in;

Type of Speaker

Speaker type is the very first thing you should consider. Mainly, there’re two major categories; component speakers & full-range speakers. Component speakers have great sound quality due to their design. It also offers separated speaker components like woofers & tweeters that are separated to allow for easy movement of the speakers. Component speakers are normally expensive and the best in case you want to buy a more advanced system.

On the other hand, the full range speaker is packed in a single system. While being the low-cost speakers, they’re the simplest to install. Not only can it produce any range of sound but also an ideal option if you want to replace the factory car speaker units. Although it doesn’t allow the customization as component speaker, the full range speaker produces quality sound.

Sound Quality

Sound quality is one of the most significant considerations in a speaker. By checking the frequency, you can determine the speaker’s sound quality. Car stereo systems offer specific frequency. With a wider range, the speaker is capable of reproducing better sound. It starts with the lowest of 10 hertz and goes up to the peak frequency of 20,000 Hertz. You don’t have to pick the maximum frequency for higher sound quality as you aren’t sure that whether the extreme frequency will produce an audible sound or not.

Speaker Compatibility & Configuration

Speakers don’t really raise the value of your car that much, but it surely enhances your driving experience. For obvious reasons, you don’t want to drive in the luxurious car having the low-quality speaker. Therefore, it’s imperative to match the speakers with your vehicle first. Before going out to shop new car speakers, gather some information on what’s currently available in the market.

In case you want to exchange, you can talk to the dealership about it as well. Although most of the speaker units have got their specifications indicated so just take the readings and show it to after-market car speaker dealer. You might even need to provide the model, make, and your car’s year of manufacture. It’ll give the dealer some insights into the speaker’s configuration as well as size. Also, don’t forget to take a suggestion from your mechanic about this when you head on for the car service in Dubai.


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