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Things to do Before Shipping a Car

When you have decided to ship a car to another state or a city, there are a lot of things that you have to be ready for and a lot of things you have to do. Whether you are new to this or you have shipped your vehicle before. There still may be a lot of things which might come as a surprise to you that are necessary before shipping a car.

Without a further ado, here are some of some important aspects that need to be done,

Choosing a Transport Service

When you want to select a transport service, you have to know whether you are transporting your vehicle to a long distance or a short distance, the season in which you are transporting, whether you need an urgent service or you will wait for the prices to go down. Everything matters! Choose enclosed carriers, if you have an expensive vehicle that needs to be transported and cannot compromise on the safety of your pride and joy.

If you haven’t got an expensive or exotic car, you can go for open transport. It is one of the cost-effective modes of transportation.

Selecting a Reliable Car Shipping Company

After deciding on which transport service you are about to hire, now it’s time to hire a reliable car shipping company. There are many ways you can get in touch with a reliable car shipping company. You can ask your friends and family members for help. There might be someone from your family who must have hired a reliable auto transport company. Call them and ask what they think of their experience and would they recommend you to hire them for their services. Also, check that their license and registrations are verified by the FMCSA and have MC number.

Shortlist a few Companies

When you have received some recommendations from your friends and family members. It’s now time to ask them of their bids and start making comparisons of their prices. When you start making a shortlist, you would have plenty of options to hire a decent auto hauling company.

Provide Accurate Description

Your shipment bid is only as accurate as the details of the shipment provided by you. So, do not hold out on or conceal any information regarding your shipment intentionally. There are some shippers who then complain that price has been doubled than the previous amount. However, these shippers will not tell that they had concealed some of the information from the service providers to get a lower price.

There might be some cases where this cheekiness could have worked. This isn’t always the case. These service providers are in the market for a reason. They usually smell something fishy from a mile away. So, do not try to be over smart and conceal anything about your shipment from your service provider, EVER.

Look them up Online

Before sealing the deal, you ought to take a quick look at their profile online. See how the world of the internet thinks about them. There are many forums online that only concerns with auto transport industry. This would help you with finding credence and reliability of their services. You will get a general idea about their service just by reading some of their reviews from their past services rendered.

Price should not be the game changer

After you have looked them online and found out that there isn’t anything fishy about them.

If you have already shortlisted them and you know that they are a legitimate shipping service, then never put unnecessary efforts on bargaining with them. It will simply come to no avail. These companies put money where their mouth is and do everything in their ability to provide you with the best possible service.

On the other hand, when you are making a shortlist of different car hauling companies, some of the prices of car shipping would be extremely cheap and cost-effective. However, that doesn’t mean their services would be top-notch as well. There are a few companies who might offer the lowest quote, which sometimes may not be a good thing. You would not want to risk your precious car by handing over any Tom, Dick and, Harry, would you?

Now, we move on to the,

Preparations required Before the Car Shipping Carrier Arrives

At this stage, you have signed up a contract with your desired car shipping company, Well Done!

However, we are halfway through and still need halfway to go further. For this part, you have to make your car perfectly prepared for the auto shipping carrier. You need to follow all of these steps mentioned below for your car ready to be picked up,

Take Out All The Items

First and foremost, take out each and everything that is no use or required to ship your car. These items include some of the expensive items that may get lost or went missing during the course of the shipment. For instance, take out your GPS, stereos, any important documents from your dashboard, any removable spoilers and antennas, etc.

Get Your Car Washed

When you have taken out all the necessary and unnecessary items from your car. Now, get your car washed thoroughly from the inside and the outside of your car. Until it becomes spotless and free from any dirt-cakes and debris.

Get Your Car Washed

Gas Tank Limitations

Gas in the car should be one-quarter of a tank filled. No more, no less. So, that it could be easily managed to get to the nearest gas station after transportation.

Remove Your Car Alarm

Ensure to remove your car alarm or disable it for the very least. It would be a bother for the shipping carrier if the car alarm goes off during the course of the shipment.

Start Making Notes

Once you have cleaned your car from every part of its body. It’s now easy to make any notes and take photographs of the current condition of your vehicle. Ensure to take photographs of paint chips, rust, and dents on the car’s body.

Check for Leakages

You also need to check out for the maintenance side of your vehicle as well. Check out for any leakages of oil, fluids or liquids coming out of from any part of the vehicle.

Inspect Your Handbrakes

Ensure that your handbrakes are properly working. This will be crucial for loading and be unloading your vehicle during the shipment process.

Tires Should be Properly Inflated

You have to make sure that the tyres are properly inflated and are in working condition.

Roof and Windows Should be Tightly Shut

Windows should be tightly shut. If you have a convertible or a Cabriolet, ensure to shut its roof tightly as well. Or else, it will be totally vulnerable to the outside elements.

Extra Car Keys

Always have an extra set of car keys with you. In case of any blunders made by the shipping carrier’s side, at least you would have an extra set of keys as a contingency plan.

Extra Car Keys

Share Your Inspection Report

When the car shipping carrier arrives to pick up your vehicle, ensure to share your findings with the driver of the shipping carrier. This will enable the driver to take extra precautions in handling your vehicle.

Inspect Your Shipment Upon Delivery

When you receive your shipment from the car shipping carrier. Ensure to thoroughly check each and everything about your vehicle. If any oddities found on your vehicle, make sure to inform the driver and mention it on the bill of lading or receipt which they need your initials on.

And There You Go! All the things you need to do before shipping your car.