Tips and Striking Strategies to Win EuroMillions

Have you heard about the EuroMillions?

If not, you are missing out on playing one of the most popular lottery games in the world. That means you are denying to fill your pocket while having fun. The EuroMillions is an international mega-lottery game.

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More about the EuroMillions

The EuroMillions has two number fields consisting of five and two numbers. The five-number set has numbers from 1 to 50 whereas the two-number set has 1 to 12.

These two numbers are the ‘lucky stars.’

If you manage to get all the seven numbers right, you can take the jackpot home. But the odds are very high, and hence, it makes winning all the more difficult. But that doesn’t mean there are smart ways to polish your luck.

Read on to set your eyes on a few tips and guidelines to win the EuroMillions and make your dreams come true.

The Strategies

Most of the strategies used to increase one’s winning chances rely on previous results. According to experts who have looked at lottery win histories dating back to as far as 1955, there are some simple points all lotteries follow.

A major point they stressed on is that patterns that win most of the time have more probability of winning. This implies that if you choose a pattern that occurs rarely, the chance is that you won’t win.

A Few Tips to Win!

Never choose all odd or all even number patterns

It is better to select a mix of odd and even lotto numbers. Stats say that all odd or all even patterns win only about three percent of the time.

Choose numbers from both the upper and the lower half of the number field

You have to make sure that your pattern has a fair mix of numbers from the upper half (1-25) and the lower half (26-50). This will increase your winning chances.

Check the lotto number sum

Ensure that the sum of your five numbers falls in the 96-160 range. 70percent of the wins followed this point.

Join a syndicate

This means that you can pool in money and buy more tickets. You will have to share the prize money with the group if you win, but the prize money is huge enough, so it is a good option.

Of course, there is no guarantee you will win the prize everyone’s eyes have hearts for. But it is definitely worth one or many tries!

The EuroMillions is a big, rolling jackpot lottery game of Europe with twelve prize categories. The lottery is drawn every Tuesday and Friday. You have to be either really lucky or play the game with some smart tips to win the EuroMillions.