Tips for Choosing a Formal Dress – Finding the Perfect One

Formal Dress

Your formal is such a special night. Whether you’re off to your year ten or year twelve formal, you’re going to treasure those memories forever! As it is such a big and exciting event, of course, you want to feel as glam and gorgeous as possible, right? Thought so! Well, the mission begins with the perfect dress, and those don’t exactly come easy. There are a few measures that you need to put in place before you click add to cart on your dream frock – so pay attention! Here are a few top tips to choose the most perfect, beautiful formal dress for your special night…

Determine your budget

You need to pin down the budget that you have to work with. It’s all well and good falling in love with an extravagant designer gown, but if it’s not in your price range you’re only going to be disappointed. Figure out exactly how much you’re willing to spend on your dress, if it really hurts to invest, make sure you keep your eyes on classic styles that won’t go out of fashion and that you’ll keep forever (hello, LBD!). If you’re really pinching the pennies and you’re looking for a bargain, shop around for formal dresses on sale! There are plenty of options for amazing discount dresses that will make you look jaw-droppingly gorgeous at your formal. 

Think about the event or the theme

To feel as perfect as possible, you should really shop for a dress that’s going to suit the mood, or theme, of your formal. Some formals are themed, it’s kind of rare but not unheard of, if say the theme is icons, why not go for a Marilyn Monroe get-up or channel Cleopatra in a golden gown? If you’re off to a more traditional, prom style formal, consider the venue that you’re off to. If it’s a casual restaurant or function room, you can play around with two-piece styles, jumpsuits, and mini dresses. If you’re being hosted in a hotel or a luxurious venue, you’ll have to steer more towards the formal side of things. A full-length gown in an off the shoulder or mermaid style will fit flawlessly!

Fit comes first

With formal dresses, fits always come first. You could have the most gorgeous dress in the world, but if it doesn’t fit, it doesn’t fit. So, approach this one a little carefully. You want to feel like your frock flatters and beautifies your figure, which means you need to consider your options for cuts. The most popular choices for formal dresses include:

A-line: The A-line cut is a slice of magic, it looks amazing on pretty much every shape and size out there! A-line pieces flaunt your feminine neckline, nip in your waist and gracefully float down to the floor in the shape of an A (hence the name!). This style carves out the hourglass shape that we’re all always chasing!

Mermaid: This is an incredibly glamorous and chic option. Mermaid styles give off the same effect as those amazing frocks that the Hollywood stars had in the 1930s. Your mermaid, or fishtail, style is close-fitting down to your calves, and then fans out beautifully – just like a mermaid!

Off the shoulder: Flirty off the shoulder styles flaunt your décolletage and neckline in a flirty and feminine fashion.

Wrap: This is a great option for fuller figures who want to celebrate amazing curves and head-turning shapes! Wraps are comfortable and seriously beautifying on larger sizes.

Slip: The slip style is so in fashion! This elegant 90s shape is perfect if you want to keep it simple and fashionable.

A perfect dress for you will turn any event into a memorable one. However, you have to consider not just if it looks good on you, but also if is it comfortable and lets you move freely. It needs to give you confidence but also the freedom to socialize and enjoy the night with your special someone or friends.

So, we hope this list was able to help you and give you great ideas for that perfect dress you are looking for. By considering these three essential factors, you’ll end up with your perfect dream dress to make your night even more magical!