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Tips not to Get Ripped off by Mechanics

Most people fear to go to the mechanic more than a visit to their dentist. They do not worry because of the cost of repairing their cars but because of the integrity of the mechanic. These days, mechanics know that people do not know about cars and take full advantage of this. If you have such fears, here are tips to know when you are being ripped off.

1. Learn the Basics

If you want to learn the basics of your car, you should start by reading the owner’s manual. Once you know all the parts of the vehicle, you will know if the mechanics are taking the best approach to repair it. Learning basic facts about car repair such as fixing a leak in the radiator can help prevent them from ripping you off.

Get Ripped off

2. Use an Automotive Diagnostic Scanner

Use an Automotive Diagnostic Scanner

Most people do not own a diagnostic tool for their cars. Owning a diagnostic device such as an automotive diagnostic scanner can help decode the problems in your vehicle. Using a diagnostic tool along with your manual can help you identify the exact part of the problem.

When you visit the mechanic with the problem at hand, you will know if they are ripping you off or not. Some diagnostic tools come
with enhanced features that can allow you easier decoding of the problems through keyless and wireless scanning. This means that you do not need wire connections to diagnose the issues in your car.

In some cases, a diagnostic tool can allow you to go online because of its wireless features. When on the internet you will be able to get tips and insightful solutions about the diagnosis and repair of your car. In some instances, you will also get to run performance tests to know of any problems in the car’s systems such as body, ABS, SRS suspension, emissions, and powertrain.

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3. Rely on Referrals

Rely on Referrals

There is nothing like referrals to point you in the right directions as far as the best mechanics are concerned. In this regard, you should be looking for a competent and trustworthy mechanic who will take good care of your car. Ensure that the establishment has been around for some time as well and has well-trained mechanics as well.

Please talk to your friends and family to find out the best mechanics in your locality. You can look for several of them and compare them according to their prices, proximity and efficiency and so on. Another approach will be to join online based and interactive social media forums that relate to the type of car you drive. Such forums will have helpful discussions on how not to get ripped off by mechanics and the best ones to use as well. You will also gain much insight into what the mechanic has been advising you about your car as well. Once you find a competent mechanic, stick with them instead of changing mechanics only to end up getting one who is not trustworthy.

4. Check the Price of New Auto Parts


The cost of repairing a car in some places can be so exorbitant in some garages. This is one of the main reasons why one will just opt to get bad services at an affordable place instead of a quality garage. Some garages have also mastered ways of getting more money from their clients by inflating the prices of the services that they offer.

You should be very vigilant when asked to buy auto parts for your car. In this regard, you should ask for the written estimate that includes the parts and cost of their whole service as well. If you think that the price of the new auto parts is too high, call other places to compare

If you feel the quotation of the new auto parts is too high, you can go online to find the prices of the auto parts in wholesale and retail as well. From your research, you may also get affordable places to buy and bring it for installation. The internet can also be resourceful for a
person looking for specifics of a car repair.

You should also call the car dealer to know if your car warranty covers a particular service or car part. You should also ask the
garage to consult you if they need to carry out the additional repair. Consulting will help in reducing any hidden costs that come with auto repair in some garages.

5. Ask for the Old Parts

Ask for the Old Parts

If your mechanic wants to replace an old part with a new one you should ask for the old auto part. If the mechanic does not want to give you’re the used part, it means that they are not honest. It is not a good sign when they pressure you to get other parts to be fixed on the spot as well.

Most car garages will let you know of any arising problems with your car. They, should, however not pressure you into solving
them immediately.


It is evident that a car repair can be a pain, but with the above tips, you will prevent a rip-off. Additionally, it is better to prevent a repair, and this means servicing your car at proper intervals. Servicing should involve tune-ups, changing coolant fluids, replacing air filters and oil changes.

You should also ensure that the tires are correctly inflated and not aged. Your manual can help on which parts of the car need regular maintenance as well. If you disregard such maintenance habits, your car may not be on the road for long.

When people take their cars to the garages, they often fail to inquire about the diagnostic tests. In some garages, you will get the service for the free while in others you will have to pay for them. Ask about them because they can quite expensive, thereby adding more to your bill. Remember that if you feel you are being ripped off, you can ask for a second opinion.