Tips to Stay Healthy this Rainy Season

The rains that descend after the scorching Indian summers is always a moment of sheer joy. The rains wash off the heat, grime, and sweat as if making everything brand new. But it is also the season where we are increasingly susceptible to different illnesses. Children especially are vulnerable to these seasonal changes.

This is the season we have high numbers of gastrointestinal diseases and fever. You can get generic drugs over the counter by any PCD pharma in Ahmedabad to treat most of these ailments. But the best way to deal with it is to follow some simple preventive measures. Here are a few tips:

Eat healthily

Start with eating a healthy, balanced meal. Our nutrition is responsible for building the immune system of our body and keeping us healthy. So, a balanced meal is necessary. Make sure that everything is washed properly. Avoid eating raw food. Wash your fruits and vegetables thoroughly before eating or cooking them. Keep in mind that food spoils quickly in this season. So, refrigerate perishables without any delay.

Be food wise

Water-borne diseases are common during the rainy season. Instances of gastrointestinal infections are common and the only way to avoid this is by being extra careful. This is why doctors recommend that one avoids food from outside, especially street food like golgappas. If you do not have a proper water purification/filtration system, make sure that the water in your home has been boiled and cooled before consumption.

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Drink lots of water

Even though the temperature has cooled, do not reduce your water intake. Drink lots of water throughout the day. You should take at least 2.5 liters every day. Make sure the water is clean. Coffee, tea, carbonated drinks, and alcohol are not counted in your water intake. You can try herbal teas. Many of these have beneficial antibacterial properties.


Ask your doctor about the supplements you should be taking. Catching the sun is pretty rare in this season. So, Vitamin D is recommended. You should also try for probiotic supplements that strengthen gut health and help you fight gastrointestinal infections. Vitamin C supplements are also recommended for its ability to fight radicals and activate your body’s own immunity system. These are easily available at any PCD pharma in Ahmedabad.


Exercising takes a backseat during this weather. So, instead of outdoors, think of indoor exercise routines. You can join a yoga class or aerobics. Do light stretching exercises on your own. Exercising is important as it helps in strengthening our body, which ultimately helps us to fight diseases and illnesses. It also helps as a stress reliever, important on days when you are cooped up inside for too long.

Keep your home dry

Rainy weather can cause seepage and damp walls become prone to fungus growth. This is bad news for people with breathing problems like Asthma. So, get these cracks repaired before the rains hit full force.

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Avoid walking in the rain

This may become unavoidable in this weather, but avoid walking in the rain. The drain water often mixes with rainwater on the roads. Walking in the rain, therefore, exposes one to high risk of viral diseases like leptospirosis. To deal with this, wash your feet with an antibacterial soap. You can get these from any PCD pharma in Ahmedabad. Dry your feet thoroughly afterward.

 Avoid getting wet

Staying wet also increases your chances of catching a cold. So, dry off immediately and avoid sitting in an air-conditioned room with low temperature. Take particular care in drying your feet and toes, especially if you are diabetic. This may seem odd, but take a bath with warm water if you do get wet in the rain.

Take care of your eyes

Eye infections like conjunctivitis, dry eyes and style become very common in this season. To avoid any such infections, wash your hands with soap frequently and avoid touching your eyes. Consult a doctor immediately if you experience itching, swelling or any discharge. The rainy season is indeed a time to sit and enjoy the change of the season. Stay warm, stay safe and do not forget to get your supplements from a PCD pharma in Ahmedabad.