Lose Weight

Top 10 Best Exercises to help you Lose Weight

Lose Weight

The best two ways to lose weight are exercising and taking care of your diet. There is no need to eat junk food and then struggle to get rid of the extra calories through exercise. It is good to make sure that you are eating healthy at all times. 

However, there comes a time when you need to exercise to lose weight. The type of exercise that you choose depends on the area of the body that you are targeting. Here are some top 10 best exercises that will help you lose weight. 

  • Rowing 

Rowing is the king of cardio machines in gyms, even though it is the least used. With the increase in the heart rate, it uses all the muscles from the toes to the shoulders. Rowing engages 60% of the lower body and 40% of the upper body. 

If you are to choose original equipment for your home gym, then you need to select a rower and weight watchers scale. Rowing two kilometers in less than seven minutes will keep you at best.

  • Squats 

Most people stand up and sit down the whole day. Squatting is the most functional exercise to work your bum, calves hamstrings, and quads. These exercises build body muscles which in turn burns calories. 

All beginners should do bodyweight squats. If you are more advanced, you may smash our squat jumps, cross fit’s squat thrusters, and barbell squats. 

  • Running

Distance jogging is an excellent bodyweight movement. All of us have room for running, and it works wonders for the mind. You can run for weight loss and functionality. Even though long jogging is good for weight loss, you should not forget HIIT and sprints. Besides, outdoor running overrides treadmill sessions. It is one of the best ways to lose weight fast. 


BURPEES is the most intensive movement for bodyweight without using any equipment. It is an ab, push up, squat, and jump movement that burns every muscle and decreases the heart rate in a rower-esque manner. For ladies who don’t have the chest strength, you can do burpees minus the pushups.

  • Stair Runs 

Changing the angle will help you improve the exercise. One of the simple and angled jogs on the steroids is hitting the stairs. You can go for single stairs, doubles, or even doubles. It will help you work all the muscles from your waists downwards while shredding several kilograms and heart rate. Run 500 stairs at a pace of 100% intensity and time it well. 

  • Pushups 

The other way to lose weight fast is by using pushups. Let no one cheat you that pushups are only designed to build the chest strength. The weight loss exercises work the quads, triceps, shoulders, back, and even chest. It is one of the many effective fat burners that you can think about. 


One swing with the kettlebell is a highly explosive movement that improves posture, builds strengths, and elevates the heart rate. This high-intensity move will make an athletic bum and benefit your posterior chain. If kettlebells are not available, you can try a press, dumbbell clean, and single arm. It resembles the kettlebell by using the same muscles. 

  • Skipping 

If you’ve been jogging for 30 minutes, try skipping for the same period and compare the difference. Skipping is a high-intensive exercise that is good at burning calories. It will burn your forearm and shoulder within no time. 

  • The Plank 

An isometric hold will burn several calories and tone like any other exercise. However, you will be left with an imbalanced physique that will be awaiting injury. Plunking will burn the bum, hamstrings, core, back, and abdominals. It will ultimately benefit your balance and posture. 

  • Restraint in the Kitchen 

A healthy diet with exercising and the vice versa are all terrible for your health. It is good to make sure that you are doing the right thing in your kitchen. Eating healthy will make all the above nine exercises more beneficial for your body. 

You can drop off several calories by just choosing to eat healthily. It is meaningless to exercise and then feed on a lot of junk. Make sure that you are doing the perfect thing, and you will be on the safe side of life. 


With all the above tips, you have all that it takes to lose weight fast. It would help if you chose an exercise type depending on the section of the body that you are targeting. Make sure you balance this with the right diet to get great results.