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Top 10 Tips For Writing A Dissertation Methodology

Dissertation Writing Tips

What is the dissertation methodology?

A part of the methodology used during the research of the dissertation is usually explained in the Introduction of the dissertation, but in this section of the document what is reported are very general aspects of what was done methodologically. Every dissertation must carry in some of its sections, a detailed explanation of the methodology and the methods used. The way of recording it in the final document of the dissertation can vary according to the type of a dissertation, the criterion of the dissertation advisor, or the technical norm used. In some cases, it can be written as one more chapter of the dissertation, or on other occasions, it is done in the introductory chapter. If you don’t have time to read this you can just hire our qualified writers from our best assignment writing service. We have the best essay writing service that can help you achieve your goal and save you a lot of time.

However, the site where the methodology is described, the important thing is that this part of the dissertation is responsible for describing the entire experimental design (although not in all cases it can be said that it is an experimentation, as in the case of a dissertation that seeks to apply a specific methodology in some type of project or a dissertation of philosophy that seeks to explain a phenomenon from the perspective of an author’s thinking). It will also be the space where the results found later will be based and therefore will give scientific validity to the research.

Important of dissertation methodology

It is important to emphasize that the scientific validation of an investigation, including that of a dissertation, should allow another researcher to repeat said investigation. Hence the importance of describing in great detail the entire method and methodology used. To achieve this goal, it will always be necessary to write this section in the past. The dissertation methods should be described in chronological order preferably and trying to explain them individually but always associated with the other related methods to demonstrate integrity. This description must indicate the necessary characteristics, such as the temperature at which it was heated, the quantity that was used, the measurements of the materials, etc. According to experts from the best essay writing service; the method is the dish recipe that you as a researcher is cooking, so you must describe each step and each ingredient used in greater detail so that another person can cook your recipe and get the same result.

Types of dissertation methodology

The statistical methods used must also be described, but the results obtained from them should be written in the section corresponding to the results, which is usually one of the last sections of the dissertation document. Some dissertations require the use of a certain type of material to be specific. This implies that the methodology describes in detail each of these materials used, their quantity, their generic name if they are products such as medicines or chemical substances, the scientific names of the animals or plants used (their physical characteristics, their age, their condition genetic, physiological or pathological condition, or any other information that needs to be detailed).

Rule of exception

An exception to the rule of the detailed description of the methodology or method used in the dissertation may be made when these two have been taken from a research paper, in which case it can also be mentioned simply by making the corresponding bibliographic reference. This cannot be done when the methods and methodology are specific to the research of the dissertation and do not have a precedent in the scientific literature consulted. As per experts from the best assignment writing service; the methodology and methods used to solve the dissertation problem should be written in detail, in terms that can explain the reason for the conclusions of the dissertation. Only in this way, other researchers or even other theses can verify their results by being able to replicate them. Remember that the validity of your dissertation is not only given by the result found but also by the methodology used to achieve those results.

Top 10 Tips for writing a dissertation methodology

1.      Explain the basic features of your research design

In general, the methodology explicitly indicates aspects such as: if the study is qualitative, quantitative or mixed; what is its scope; whether it is experimental or not; how is the sample, etc. All these definitions are part of the general planning of your thesis, so we recommend you to rely on your guide teacher and research methodology resources that are relevant to your discipline. However, when decisions are made, you must explain them clearly and concisely.

2.      Define your goals

All research will have at least objectives or questions. In some cases, depending on the research design, hypotheses will be raised that can be verified or rejected. A particular thing about these elements is that they could be placed in the methodology section, but sometimes they are transferred to the introduction of the work; this depends on your discipline.

3.      Define your objectives clearly

In the case of the objectives, there is generally a general one (the final purpose of the study) and other specific ones (which address more specific aspects and, as a whole, contribute to the general objective). These are usually written with verbs in the infinitive: define, determine, compare, study.

4.      State your questions clearly

In the case of the questions, the same logic expressed in interrogations is used: “How do they relate?”, “What is the effect of?”, “What factors influence?”

5.      States your hypothesis clearly

In the case of hypotheses, they are statements that relate two or more variables from an informed prediction or offer a tentative answer to a research question. They usually carry the verbs in mind: “The intake of [a medicine] causes”

6.      Use language strategically to define and explain

As we mentioned at the beginning, it is essential that you clearly explain what you did, with what inputs and how you got them. Therefore, an important part of the methodology is that in which you present these elements and describe and / or justify them from the theory or other bibliographic references. We recommend you think of this section as an index that you will then complete with descriptions, sources, and schemes if necessary. For the description of the sample and the instrument, it prefers concise sentences, expressed in the present tense. For the description of the procedures, use the connectors strategically to indicate the order of the actions. In addition, it uses past tense verbs: “the subjects were evaluated …”, “the variable was measured …”, “it was compared …

7.      The methodology is the heart of your research.

Therefore, you must plan it carefully and then expose it in such a way that another person clearly understands it and can replicate it in another study, if necessary.

8.      Check previously submitted work for better understanding

Review the theses of classmates from previous generations to see what this section looks like in your discipline. You will not always require all the aspects mentioned in this guide or the same order, so you should know how the methodology in your career or program is usually.

9.      Justification

It is essential that you should write and explain why you have chosen this type of method. This part is particularly very important as you have to justify that you are using the correct method to investigate your research.

10.  Sampling

When doing quantitative research you have to select a sample size in order to test your dependent and independent variables. In some cases, the correct sample size plays a vital role in generating correct results. So make sure you have the correct sample size for your research.


A doctoral dissertation is one of the most challenging tasks of your academic career. You should pay attention to each and every step so that you can pass with flying grades. We hope these tips are going to help you in writing your dissertation methodology. Still, have some doubts? Don’t hesitate to ask us we have highly professional writers from the world best essay writing service in the market.