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Top 6 Effective Tips to Maximize Compensation in a Personal Injury Claim

Personal Injury Claim

The personal injury settlement negotiations are heating up, and the insurance adjuster doesn’t seem to be in the mood of making a reasonable claim settlement offer. This is the point you need an effective strategy in place to fight for what you are legally entitled to. First, make sure you have an experienced and reliable lawyer by your side who can fight for your rights and represent you in court in case your case goes to trial.  Here are other tips to maximize your compensation.

1. The right evidence is essential

The nature and severity of your injuries are going to decide your case. The insurance adjuster will analyze various pieces of the available evidence to decide the amount of settlement they can offer based on the strength of your case. This implies the more and convincing evidence you preserve, the better the chances of getting the amount of compensation you deserve.

It’s best to take photographs of the accident scene (if you can). You should document your injuries too. Collect the names and contact details of the other party involved in the accident and the contact details for the witnesses. If there was a police report created, make sure you get the copy. These are some of the issues your attorney can follow up and get detailed information that could strengthen your claim.

2. Have reliable medical records

Generally, winning your case means getting compensation for your damages. To achieve this, you need an accurate and documented picture of your injuries and other damages. You require a professional medical practitioner to document these injuries and formulate a treatment plan. These documents (medical records) could convince the other side to reconsider their offer and make a reasonable settlement offer.

This is the primary reason it is important to seek medical treatment immediately after an accident even you are not sure whether or not you suffered severe injuries. If the healthcare provider recommends a treatment plan, be sure to follow it carefully. This may include seeking treatment for issues like post-traumatic stress and flashbacks. It’s also in your best interest to seek physical therapy when necessary.

Therefore, you should get your medical records ready if you intend to pursue a personal injury claim. Let your lawyer review these documents when building your case. A single statement from your doctor mentioned in the records could be everything you need to obtain better compensation.

3. Offer a detailed explanation of why the current settlement offer is inadequate

Generally, getting maximum compensation requires you to convince the defendant’s team that your case is strong enough and you legally deserve what you’re demanding. In case you receive an insufficient settlement offer from the insurance adjuster, you can give a response detailing why this offer is unacceptable. Remember to share documentation that perfectly reinforces your arguments.

4. Don’t ignore future damages

Some injuries bring immediate losses and other losses that extend into the future. For example, some injuries might require treatment for the next couple of months or even years. Other severe injuries might mean that you will never resume your duties. It’s best to consider all relevant factors including future costs when seeking compensation.

5. Keep off social media

You must be familiar with the common phrase that makes it clear that anything you say will be used against you in court. It applies to social media too. Perhaps in your personal injury claim paperwork, you indicated that you suffered devastating injuries. However, your Facebook page and recent tweets tell a different story.

Remember, the defendant’s side is watching everything you say and do. Your best bet is to stay quiet and let your lawyer do all the talking. Besides, you shouldn’t talk about any aspect of your case or injuries with anyone until a settlement has been reached.

6. Build a strong case

One way of maximizing your damages is by building a strong case methodically. The preparation process involves serving discovery demands to the offender’s side and allowing your lawyer to conduct depositions or request relevant records. Perhaps you will need to see several medical experts, and your lawyer will need to work with one or more expert witnesses to build a stronger case.

Putting together the right pieces of information and preserving the right evidence could push the liable party to make a settlement offer even if your case doesn’t go to trial. Remember, working with a good lawyer is essential.

Wrap up

Your ability to get the compensation amount you deserve is determined by the strength of your case, the evidence you present, and whether or not you’re fully prepared to fight for your rights. A good personal injury lawyer in Kent can help you achieve all that.