Top Two Solutions to the Selected Boot Device Failed Error

Have you ever received: “The selected boot device failed press <Enter> to continue” error when you are trying to boot up Windows operating system? Some users reported that they received an error message The selected boot device failed Press Enter to Continue when they use a USB Stick or even a DVD Disk to boot from.

Most users who met this issue are using HP computers and laptops. They don’t know why this error would occur and how to fix it.  Some users said that it is because some settings inside of your BIOS are not compatible with the bootable device that you created. Other said it is because of the bootable disk. Here is some detailed information.

Reasons for the Selected Boot Device Failed Error

  • Secure Boot is enabled in BIOS

The selected boot device failed HP error is usually reported when secure boot is enabled and legacy mode is disabled.

  • Legacy boot is disabled in BIOS

Users who use certain computers (especially older HP and Dell models) will encounter the “The selected boot device failed Press Enter to Continue” error when Legacy Support is disabled from the BIOS settings menu.

  • The bootable USB drive/disc is problematic

As the selected boot device failed press enter to continue error occurs when you use a USB Stick or a DVD Disk to boot from. It could be caused by the bootable USB/disc.

After learning the main reasons, how to fix the selected boot device failed Windows 10? Here are the top two solutions for your reference.

Solution 1. Secure Boot Disable and Enable Legacy Support in BIOS

Some users said that they fixed the selected boot device failed issue by disabling Secure Boot and enabling Legacy Support in BIOS. In this case, you might as well try this way.

Step 1. Press a specific key to enter BIOS. The key to entering BIOS can be different according to different types of computer. You can search only for your specific Boot key or try any of the following: F2, F4, F8, F10, F12 or Del key.

Step 2. Find the System Configuration options and locate Legacy Support and Secure Boot.

Step 3. Enable Legacy Support and Secure Boot to Disabled. Then, make sure to save this configuration and reboot your computer.

Secure Boot to Disabled

If this method doesn’t work for your computer, the selected boot device failed error could be caused by a bad bootable disk. Try next method to recreate a bootable USB drive or CD/DVD disc.

Solution 2. Making a Bootable USB Drive with Windows 10 Media Creation Tool

Windows 10 Media Creation Tool is developed by Microsoft, which is a very popular utility. It helps users to upgrade or install Windows 10. As the error may be caused by a bad bootable USB/disc, you can create a Windows 10 installation USB drive/DVD disc with Media Creation Tool to see if it can fix the problem.

Step 1. Get Windows 10 Media Creation Tool and follow the instruction to get the following page. And check the second option Create installation media (USB flash drive, DVD, or ISO file) for another PC and click Next.

USB flash drive

Step 2. Choose the Language, Windows Edition, and Architecture that you need to use for creating the installation media. After selection, then click Next to continue. You can check the Use the recommended options for this PC option, which automatically selects the language, edition, and architecture that match the PC that you are using right now.

selects the language

Step 3. Choose what kind of media storage device you want to use and press Next.

media storage device

Step 4. Select the USB drive you are about to use for creating Windows 10 installation media and click Next.

Select the USB drive

Step 5. Then Microsoft Media Creation Tool starts to download the latest Windows 10 installation files on your computer or device.

Windows 10 installation

Step 6. When the download is finished, it will start to create Windows 10 media.

create Windows 10

Step 7. Click Finish when it is done, and then you can use that drive to boot up your computer and install Windows 10.

Click Finish

If the computer just has a DVD player, you can also select ISO file to burn the ISO file to a DVD later.

Once you are done all the things, you are good to go with the installation of the operating system on your computer.

Bottom Line

After learning the two methods to fix the selected boot device failed error, you can try one by one to fix it. And you’d better backup important files regularly in case of this kind of Windows boot failure.