10 Different Types of Shoes

Types of Shoes

There are a variety of shoes available in the market, depending upon the size, cost, style, and design. In this article, you will know about the different types of shoes that will take your looks and appearance to the next level.  

1. Dr. Martens Pascal 8-Eye Boot

These boots are crafted by smoother and thicker leather, this leather gives a little more structure of Virginia leather(Virginia leather is softer and malleable to touch). See the collection of Doc Martens at FSW Shoes

2. Oxfords

The oxfords are the finest shoes that can be worn, oxfords represent royalty. The story behind getting soo much popular is, they were first worn at Oxford University by rebel students. These shoes are originated from Scotland and Ireland. Oxfords are the most formal types of footwear that can be worn with a shirt and pants. The perfect color is black, well black can be worn with any match. 

3. WingTips

Wingtips are also known as ‘Oxfords with attitude’. The holes which are made throughout the boot is to let water out. It has a casual look when you dress up to go out. Stylish at the same time, make it one of the most popular shoes. 

4. Loafers

Another type of footwear is Loafers, Loafers successfully made its place in the most popular footwear list. Loafers can be casual and formal, depends which size, style, and design you prefer. This footwear can also be worn with socks, but choose the sock’s color wisely. Black and white are the most commonly preferred color of socks. 

5. Boat Shoes

These shoes have a cool casual look, which makes it a masterpiece itself. The slip-on functionality makes it a crowd favorite piece. When it comes to comfort, it has the leather which moulds around your foot makes it more attractive and cool. 

6. Sneakers 

Sneakers, cool name as cool as look. It is casual footwear. Mostly everyone has this type of pair of shoes. The look will more be improved when worn with t-shirts and jeans. Rubber soles and decentness make them comfortable and cool respectively, at the same time. It is always recommended to buy a simple design and decent color. 

7. Trainers

Trainers are also called as ‘Morden Sneakers’. Comfort, soft, and a cool look makes them widely used footwear for sporty purposes. You will see that most of the professionals whether they may be gymnasts, sportsmen, athletes or individuals prefer this footwear the most. These are commonly used for running purposes because they are light in weight. Trainers are the most comfortable selection because it is versatile, light in weight, reliable, killer-visual, and most importantly cutting-edge footwear technology.

8. Boots 

When it comes to boots, leather Boots captures the first place. Boots may be available in many different styles and designs such as military design or explorer origins. 

9. Chelsea

Another most popular widely used footwear is Chelsea. Widely popularized by British rock stars. These shoes have a fine leather finish that makes them decent and cool. 

10. Hiking

These shoes are commonly used for hiking purposes. Leather finish with a rubber sole makes it durable at the same time.