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Understanding The Type Of Bathroom Remodeling You Want To Go For

Depending on the type of your need in the renovated bathroom, the type of bathroom remodeling would vary. There are various types of remodeling projects for a bathroom. The project type is decided based on the kind of change you want to get after the remodeling. Some of the common reasons to get a bathroom remodeled are:

  • You need a bigger and better comfortable space
  • The family has grown and hence you need a bigger space
  • The bathroom is too old and you want to make it look better and function better by changing the style and appearance and making patchwork repairs in construction too
  • You have things like a bathtub or old sink taking extra space which you want to remove
  • You want to change the bathroom toilet from squat to western or some new model

Depending on the factors above, the different types of bathroom remodeling can be categorized as discussed here.

Bathroom Remodeling

Cosmetic remodeling of a bathroom

This, as the name suggests, is purely for enhancing the look of a bathroom. This does not necessarily deal in large replacements. It’s only your wish if you want to change any items like the bathroom vanity, or sink, or the counter-top, etc. However, it revolves mainly around changing the wall and floor tiles, bathroom fittings which captivate eyes and changing the theme color of the bathroom to give a different look and let the ambient light and airplay better.

Sink modification

The sinks in the bathroom may have to be changed. This kind of remodeling involves changing the old sink, adding a new one, adding a vanity, changing or relocating the toilet, or simply changing the toilet seat cover, or including a closet in the bathroom, or including an extra shower.

Floor plan modification

This kind of change is done to utilize the unused space in a bathroom. While making the bathroom many homeowners install a bathtub, and later they detect that it stays unused and dry most of the time, thereby reducing space in the bathroom. That’s the plan to break it, and change it into a shower space or and a sink, etc. for a better floorplan.

Adding a new bathroom

At times by breaking an old highly spacious bathroom, homeowners make it into two separate smaller bathrooms, so that space can be utilized better by the expanding family. This is a good way to utilize the extra unutilized space.

Adding extra storage to the bathroom

At times your main focus may be to add more storage to the bathroom. This may be done by adding a vanity, a closet, some hangers and shelves, and bathroom fixtures and racks, which lets you arrange clothes and towels better.

To conclude it

Whatever your requirement may be, you can work on it in a few simple steps. For this, you need to make a plan and have a proper idea of exactly what kind of change you want to see in the bathroom. Next, you have to budget it out, and finally talk to a Bathroom Remodeling Santa Ana specialist.