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Unhealthy Skin – 5 Tips To Revive Your Skin

Everyone has a busy and hectic routine because obviously, this is the 21st century. Not everyone gets time to actually take care of their skin every day and establish a skincare routine. Due to which several times the skin condition gets worse, you might think of looking for the best skin specialist in Karachi, but he won’t be able to do anything until you’re ready to take some responsibility of your own skin. It’s okay if you can’t follow a proper skincare routine but you can focus on the basics. These basics can also help prevent aging and acne problem. Here we have listed 5 tips which would help you revive your skin.

1.      Avoid Smoking:

No, we are not your health doctors who would lecture you on the hazards of smoking. But we would definitely shed some light on how smoking is dangerous to your skin. It makes your skin look older day by day by giving birth to wrinkles on your face. The reason being, smoking plays with you blood vessels and negates the flow of blood due to which you face starts to look pale. It also diminishes the nutrients which are extremely important for the skin. Even the best skin specialist in Karachi would suggest you quit smoking if you really care about your skin.

Since we believe you don’t have time to follow a skincare routine. We would suggest you make some slight life changes in order to maintain your skin. Your skin consists of elastin which maintains the density of your skin. Cigarettes have chemicals which demolish elastic leaving you with loose skin and squinty eyes.

2.      Apply Sunscreen:

Sun is the most dangerous thing for your skin – the rays are more harmful than anyone can imagine. Therefore, it is your prime duty to protect your skin from any sort of sun damage. There are so many problems caused by sun exposure – wrinkles, dark circles, and even increases the risk of skin cancer. In order to protect your skin, you can use a sunscreen – it consists of SPF which protects the skin from harmful rays of the sun. Make sure you apply sunscreen every time before you step out.

But applying sunscreen won’t be enough, you need to seek more help. Which means even if you have sunscreen on still don’t expose yourself to the sun – seek of shade. Also, wear protective clothing which shows a minimal amount of skin. Carry a hat along to avoid sun reaching your face.

3.      Be Polite With Your Skin:

Harshly rubbing your skin won’t help you get rid of the dirt instead it would cause rashes and redness on your skin. You need to treat your skin gently. Shaving daily could be very harsh to your skin. Therefore, you need to avoid this. Not just thing but long showers can also be bad for skin because if you’re under for hours it tends to remove all the moisture from your skin – hence, take a 20-minute bath.

Sometimes soaps can also be very harsh on skin., search for all the ingredients and see if they are not harsh on your skin always test a small patch on your hand before applying it to your face. It is crucial that you gently dry your skin rubbing towel all over the skin can leave harsh lines. Remember, the skin is an extremely sensitive element of your body and it needs extra care. Rub your towel very gently to protect the moisture of your skin.

4.      Healthy Diet:

No matter how expensive products you apply on your skin if you’re not consuming nutrients your skin would never be able to revive. Eating healthy can help you feel and even look at your best. Because when your body feels fresh from inside it reflects on your face because it makes your skin glow instantly. There are so many foods which are high in nutrients. So many fruits are available which help you grow and stay fresh. Even vegetables and whole grains are so good for your skin.

You must have heard how protein enhances your skin tone. Well, similarly fish does wonders for your skin and helps you achieve younger-looking skin. But above of all is water. Plenty of water can make your skill shine and feel hydrated. Because when your body is hydrated your skin would also stay hydrated and fresh all day!

5.      Don’t Stress:

We know there’s a lot happening in everyone’s life, but not everyone is able to manage stress effectively. If you’re under stress, then it would definitely have an impact on your skin. This is because your skin is very sensitive and due to your stress hormones, it can instantly breakout. There are so many skin problems caused by stress – acne, pimples. Therefore, it is important that you maintain a healthy state of mind because only that can help you maintain your skin. It is important that you sleep and eat well. Don’t overload yourself with work because it would have an adverse impact on your health.

Sometimes stress can possess so many health issues that we can’t even imagine and for your knowledge hair, fall is one problem which people are facing due to stress. You can look for stress management techniques – yoga, exercise, mediation.


Everyone has grown up looking at celebrities and their ageless skin. You may have grown older, but the celeb is still young. This is because they get a bunch of treatments done for their skin that too regularly. If you start to with those treatments, you’ll witness the same results. But all the claims about natural skin are false. Skin can be maintained through products and skincare.

If you want to revive your skin, then have a look at these 5 simple tips which anyone can embed in their lives. Since these tips are very easy to follow – there’s a lot more to skincare, if you wish to know then it’s just a few clicks away.