Upcoming Trends for Dating Apps

Dating Apps

In this era of smartphones and the internet, finding a date is like a walk in the park. This has become possible with the release of dating apps and websites.

Also, popular research conducted by the Brain Research Institute indicates that more than 49.7 million users in America have accessed online dating once in their lifetime.

Moreover, the online dating industry accounts for a $2.5 billion industry in the United States alone.

Before a few decades, the majority of people find it illogical to find dates with the help of just photographs, basic details, and interests. However, with the invention of dating apps like Tinder, Bumble, OkCupid, etc people have removed this disgrace and are able to find dates with just a few swipes.

But now the main question that revolves everywhere is what trends dating apps have to include to serve their users in the future.

In order to attract more users and give tough competition to other apps in the market, it is essential for dating apps to integrate the latest trends & features as per the current market scenario.

But, before we provide upcoming trends for dating apps, it is very much important to know the reasons behind their success.

Reasons why dating apps become popular

Currently, there are more than 8,000 dating apps and websites. Hence, singles have a lot of options to look for a date, either by a favorite appearance, similar interests & hobbies, or a specific location. The main reason due to which dating apps become popular is as follows.


One of the most essential benefits of dating apps is that it gives an opportunity to a wide number of singles to enjoy fun dates or find their soulmate at a price that suits their pocket.

While the majority of apps are free, although the cost of membership is also not too much. For instance, Tinder charges $9.99 for users under 30, while Bumble charges $24.99 per month. Thus, online dating apps cost much less than offline dating.


The majority of dating apps are convenient as a user has to set up a profile before they start their search for a perfect date. Moreover, due to features like built-in browsing and messaging, it is easy for a noob to figure out how to use dating apps.

Even though some dating apps ask detailed questionnaires that users have to answer so that matchmaking algorithms can find a relevant date, they are quite easy and comfortable to answer.


Online dating apps give freedom to a user to find their perfect date from anyplace and anytime. This is not possible in offline dating.


All the above factors are null if online dating apps are not able to give sustainable results. Based on the Brain’s research data, about 37% of relationships start online, this clearly states that it is not important to meet in person to start a relationship.

Now, we will provide some trends that one can observe while checking an app in the future or implement while developing a dating app for 2020.

Upcoming Trends for Dating Apps

Swiping Mechanism

Users are not finding a spark even after they have found a perfect match. Various users consider that the feature lacks something which is useful to build a strong connection.

Many times users regret that they have missed their match in the left-swipe. Hence, there should a feature where a user can use the right swipe.

Video Calling

In order to offer a change from static profile photographs, videos allow a superior way to get to know the personality of the match, along with getting a deep understanding of their habits, qualities, sense of humor, character and other important things.

Artificial Intelligence

It is highly crucial to integrate upcoming technologies such as AI and machine learning during the dating app development to improve the functionality of the app. Both technologies can help to provide better matches depending on the user’s actions on the app rather than just preferences.

For example, by inspecting how much time a user uses the app, the profile viewed, time spent on every profile, user’s swipe behavior, chat content and answer time, and other things AI can help to find the right match.

If various other things are also considered during analysis such as general behavior when using the phone, web browser history, phone camera, most-watched shows, etc, then matching of profile can be highly precise.

Niche-Specific App

Niche and uncommon dating apps are getting huge popularity for the last few years. For example, Bristlr matches women with beard guys. Similarly, another app Hater matches two people who hate the same sort of things. Hence, there is a great possibility that niche-specific apps will rule the dating world.

Virtual Reality

Few firms such as Oculus take the help of VR technology to deliver virtual dating lessons to assist users on how to approach women.

Moreover, it is expected that the virtual reality can help to extend the date to retail stores or a room where a user can walk into the booth to sit and chat virtually with the matches from different parts of the world.

VR could also help to make the dating process more secure by screening users and decreasing the risk of any harmful situation, which is one of the main flaws of rapid online dating between strangers.

Enhanced Social Network Integration

Previously, the concept of adding social media was nasty as most of the relationships were considered as a personal fun time. With the increase in the number of connections day-by-day, it is now believed that social media integration will help to make more careful and effective connections, allowing more users to take benefits of all such services.


The craze of online dating apps is going to increase more in the upcoming years. These were some of the future trends that we might be able to observe in various popular dating apps. In order to create a next-gen dating app, you can approach highly talented mobile app developers.