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Use the Top WordPress Database Plugins to Speed Up Your Site

The database consists of a standard data set, which is highly structured and helps store various sets of information together. A primary requirement to install WordPress is first to create a standard database. By default, WordPress requires 11 tables as specified in the database to store the most feasible information about content and posts created and also space for the users, comments, etc.

As you tend to upgrade the website with some plug-ins or themes, your database will continue to grow and ultimately become so clunky. To optimize the WordPress database, one should ideally use a good WP database plug-in. If you haven’t ever checked out the possibility of using plug-ins for database building, then 70% of the WP users testify the fact that it is so easy and comfortable to handle.

Once on starting to use a good database, you will find cleanup of WordPress database is much easier and quicker. However, why it is important to optimize and clean up the database. Let’s have a closer look at it.

Why is WP Database important?

As you start using WordPress, one must know that the content of your website will be ideally split into the categories of:

  • Core WordPress files
  • Theme files
  • MySQL DB

All the components are important in terms of website management, but the primary two items can be replaced easily and to reinstall or repair without any issues. A WP database also remains irreplaceable. It is because a DB is unique for individual websites, and the value of it increases as you add more information into it.

All the content of your website can be stored in a database. It comprehensively covers:

  • User database
  • Participant database
  • All the posts
  • All the pages etc.

Your database can be crucial to your website. If there is a page or post disappears from a website on fine day morning, you may be crushed.

An effective way to make sure that everything about a website runs smoothly and stays structured is to ensure that the database is kept optimized and also require minimal revisions to upgrade. Adding to it, your database may also compile something which can be categorized as overhead. If there is an overhead identified, then it may cause a website to lose speed and be lagging. This is the reason why you have to clean the database. Cleaning a DB is identical to emptying a trash box or like de-fragmenting the hard drive of your computer.

Even though this article discusses the criticality of plug-ins for WP DB, one crucial thing to ensure is that you do it with regular backups. WordPress database stores all kinds of information as pages, posts, settings, and comments, etc. in the MySQL database. There are many ways through which how to access data, manage data, and back up the data as adopted by For example, you may run the queries by using the phpMyAdmin tool or by creating a backup of MySQL database form the control panel. In fact, there are many WordPress database plug-ins which can help you to do the same.

Top Database Plug-ins for WordPress

All the plug-ins serve various functionalities for a typical WordPress DBMS. One thing you can be reassured of is that these all help you maintain a proper database and manage it well.


This plug-in is best for backup of data and restoration of databases. There are about one million active installs for this plug-in, which is considered to be one of the best plug-ins for backing up the database. The developers claim that it is a well-maintained DB to ensure the highest degree of data protection. It also ensures that there is a high level of support available by experts. Major features of UpdraftPlus are:

  • Backing up and restoring the data in a database.
  • There are a one-click data restoration and prior scheduling of backup available.
  • Storage of backed up data in various cloud options as Dropbox, GDrive, Amazon S3, etc.
  • Faster operations, low usage of server don’t slow down the website.

Premium version of UpdraftPlus comes with features like incremental backups, easy migration and duplication of websites, compatible with various networks, encryption of database, Advanced reporting, dedicated expert support, and supporting WP-CLI. There is also another plug-in named UpdraftCentral to compare with this, which enables you to effectively backup, manage, and update different websites centrally.


There is a five-day trial, and the pricing of VaultPress is $39 for personal websites, $99 for business, and $299 for professional services. This database is also known for its real-time backup features. The plug-in is coming from one of the founders of WordPress, who also offers Automatic. VaultPress is made by keeping the WordPress best practices in mind. The major features of the plug-in are:

  • Restoring backup in a single click.
  • Reviewing any threats and suspicious codes
  • Backup archive for 30 days
  • Instant site migration and restoration at one-click.
  • Prevention of spam.

For the professional and premium versions, you will have some additional features too, like ad revenue generation, video hosting, integration of Google Analytics, etc.

BackWPup Free

The basic version of the plug-in comes free, and the cost for Standard is  $69, for Developer & Business $199, for Supreme $279, and Agency $349. When the above-mentioned UpdraftPlus and VaultPress are powerful yet costly, you can get BackWPup for free, yet powerful. The free version itself has many good features as:

  • File and DB backup
  • XML export
  • Checking database and auto repair.
  • Database optimization.
  • Indexing and partitioning data.
  • Resizing the data tables.
  • Getting backups in zipping, tar, tar.gz formats
  • Storage options in FTP server, S3 services, Dropbox, GDrive, etc
  • Sending backups by email.

The advanced plans have many more features and also let you add more WP sites. You also get expert support for 12 months.

Some other good database plug-ins to choose are WP-DB Manager, Participant Database, etc. While considering WordPress development, you enjoy full peace of mind on choosing the most appropriate database plug-in which ensures proper backup and restoration features along with optimum security.